[Announcement] Konveyor v0.3.0-alpha.6 is available now!

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Savitha Raghunathan

Oct 9, 2023, 2:37:52 PM10/9/23
to konveyor-...@googlegroups.com, konvey...@googlegroups.com

Hi Konveyor Community,

Konveyor v0.3.0-alpha.6 has been released and available here



* match targets with version ranges correctly by @pranavgaikwad in https://github.com/konveyor/analyzer-lsp/pull/341 

* Update LSP types to more recent version by @JonahSussman in https://github.com/konveyor/analyzer-lsp/pull/324 

* Add a label to short-circuit selector by @pranavgaikwad in https://github.com/konveyor/analyzer-lsp/pull/347 

* Identify interesting Jars to decomp and improve decomp performance by @pranavgaikwad in https://github.com/konveyor/analyzer-lsp/pull/352

*  handle version ranges by @pranavgaikwad in https://github.com/konveyor/windup-shim/pull/93 

* Download ruleSets with versioned labels. by @jortel in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-addon-analyzer/pull/54 

* Analysis archiving by @jortel in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/493 

* Apply Questionnaire seeds by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/496 

* Allow creating assessments "as-is" by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/501 

* Add `assessed` field to Archetype REST resource by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/500 

* Surface assessment tags on Archetype resource by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/502

* Reports - Current Landscape update risk handling by @sjd78 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1395 

* Add useLocalTableControlsWithUrlParams hook and update archetypes table to use it by @mturley in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1392 

Bug Fixes

* Update the label value format  as per new format by @pranavgaikwad in https://github.com/konveyor/analyzer-lsp/pull/342 

* Exclude virtual tags from writing/updating by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/495 

* Fix latest analysis report. by @jortel in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/504 

* Only marshal assessment sections if not empty by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/506 

* PrepareForArchetype should use criteria and tags by @mansam in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-hub/pull/508 

* Restore missing params object when fetching issue reports by @mturley in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1393 

* Fix sorting on application inventory tables, misc cleanup in these tables by @mturley in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1396 

* Fix inconsistent styles between app inventory tables, fix wrong drawer component being used on analysis table, remove stray character by @mturley in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1397 

* Fix broken rendering of migration waves table rows, properly pass isExpandable prop in useTableControlProps by @mturley in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1398 

* Assessment settings table columns empty by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1391 

* Add missing clear handler for app import by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1400 

* Save as Draft not working by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1401 

* fix(autocomplete): tags not generated for preselected options by @gitdallas in  https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1403 

* Applications form: Fix contributors and tags field handling by @sjd78 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1408 

* Business services: Fix create/edit when owner is included by @sjd78 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1418 

* String value breaking schema validation for repo type by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1415 

* Fetch target images in auth envs by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1420 

* fix styling for ssoMenu by @gitdallas in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1424 

* Update the label for the Tag field on the Application Form by @sjd78 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1427 

* Fix broken tag colors by moving LabelCustomColor from lib-ui and updating it for PF5 by @mturley in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1431 

* fix issue with select menu getting cut by edge of modal by @gitdallas in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1428 

* Fix broken analysis report download by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1407 

* Add tooltip for weight column by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1433 

* Shows client side loading state for jira tracker by @ibolton336 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1409 

* Application drawer > reports: show analysis details for successful task by @sjd78 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1437 

* Update archetype model, form and detail drawer to current hub spec by @sjd78 in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-ui/pull/1438 

New Contributors

* @jwmatthews made their first contribution in https://github.com/konveyor/analyzer-lsp/pull/346 

* @fabianvf made their first contribution in https://github.com/konveyor/tackle2-addon-analyzer/pull/49 


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