upcoming workshops, new papers on sensitivity for dichotomous outcomes, network analysis

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Ken Frank

Jan 10, 2021, 2:42:17 PM1/10/21
to KonFound-it!
Hope you are doing well and the new year will treat you well.


The paper below concerning case replacement sensitivity analysis for dichotomous is attached:
*Frank, K.A., *Lin, Q., *Maroulis, S. J.,, and *Mueller, A. S., Xu, R., Rosenberg, J.M., Hayter, C. S., Mahmoud, R.A., Kolak, M., Dietz, T., Zhang, L. (accepted for publication). “Hypothetical case replacement can be used to quantify the robustness of trial results.” Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. *equal first authors, listed alphabetically.
A paper on sensitivity analysis for network data was recently published and is attached:
Xu, R. & Frank, K.A. (forthcoming). Sensitivity Analysis for Network Observations with Applications to Inferences of Social Influence Effects. Network Science
I will be giving a workshop Thursday Feb 18 (9 to noon eastern) for the Conference on Statistical Practice sponsored by the American Statistical Association. 

Details are below, including registration.

SC2 - What Would It Take to Change Your Inference? Quantifying the Discourse About Causal Inferences
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Short Course (half day)
Instructor(s): Kenneth Frank, Michigan State University

Statistical inferences are often challenged because of uncontrolled bias. There may be bias due to uncontrolled confounding variables or non-random selection into a sample. We turn concerns about potential bias into questions about how much bias there must be to invalidate an inference. For example, challenges such as “But the inference of a treatment effect might not be valid because of pre-existing differences between the treatment groups” are transformed to questions such as “How much bias must there have been due to uncontrolled pre-existing differences to make the inference invalid?” By reframing challenges about bias in terms of specific quantities, this course will contribute to scientific discourse about uncertainty of causal inferences. Critically, while there are other approaches to quantifying the sensitivity of inferences, the approaches presented in this workshop based on correlations of omitted variables (Frank, 2000) and the replacement of cases (Frank and Min, 2007; Frank et al, 2013) have great intuitive appeal. In this sense the techniques provide practicing statisticians a language for communicating with a broad audience about the uncertainty of inferences.

I will also be teaching my workshop materials within my graduate regression course most likely March 31 and April 1, from 1pm-2:20 eastern, on zoom: https://msu.zoom.us/j/783760435


The KonFound-it! spreadsheet can now be found at:

spreadsheet for calculating indices [KonFound-it!©] 

Hypothetical case replacement submit.pdf
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