Can I use an Excel xls or xlsx file to define a decision table leveraging FEEL?

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Doug F

Mar 19, 2021, 9:42:03 PMMar 19
to Kogito development mailing list

I am using decision tables, and have been entering the rows and corresponding FEEL statements in the dmn editor, and it is working incredibly well. (btw, please don't deprecate First hit policy - I need this and the compile time warning makes me nervous!)

I would like to be able to write the FEEL-based decision table using Excel, and be able to either import it, or consume it directly, without having to manually enter it into the editor. I find the editor too cumbersome for larger tables, and it lacks the infrastructure that I can provide in Excel to help business analysts build their decision tables.

Is this possible?

The Excel file cells would be formatted exactly the same way as the decision table cells using the dmn editor extension.

Otherwise, I was thinking I might be able to write VBA that could construct the <dmn:decisionTable> node that I could paste into the dmn file.



Jozef Marko

Mar 22, 2021, 4:23:18 AMMar 22
Hello Doug,

Currently it is not possible to define DMN logic in spreadsheet and import it into our designer. However we are aware of this missing feature. We are working on improvements in this area. However as it requires a lot of refactoring in our codebase, we do not know the date it will be delivered. We have a jira for it already, however it is part of a much larger epic.

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Regards, Jozef
RHBA Quality Engineer

Idan Gazit

Mar 23, 2021, 6:42:38 PMMar 23
to Kogito development mailing list

There is any timeframe for this issue? I planned to ask about that as well... Working only with the editor can cause typing errors and takes a lot of effort when the table is big.



Mar 24, 2021, 5:27:13 AMMar 24
to Kogito development mailing list
Hi Idan,

As Jozef mentioned, we are working on several enhancements in this area, which implies a lot of refactoring. Those enhancements include:
- support to copy/paste integration with other spreadsheets
- code-highlight/code-completion on all cells that carry FEEL expressions
- performance enhancements

My expectation is to switch to the new implementation by the mid of 2021.

This kind of improvement is always announced on our blog - you can stay tuned there for this or other news related to the editor :-)
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