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Truls Olsen

Dec 8, 2011, 11:06:30 AM12/8/11

I just downloaded Kod, and really like the layout of it, and also the
syntax highlighting. But I don't see the point of syntax highlighting
when I have to save, close and then open the document to see the
syntax highlighting. Isn't that supposed to show when I'm typing?

And is this project alive? As in does the developer(s) still work on
this project?


Dec 9, 2011, 3:47:56 PM12/9/11
It's in the View > Syntax mode menu.

Truls Olsen

Dec 9, 2011, 5:54:18 PM12/9/11
Just noticed that the only laguage(that I've tried) I'm having
problems with is PHP. When I write HTML, the syntax highlighting
updates while I write, but when I'm typing PHP, it will not update
automatically. Anyone had the same problem?


Dec 18, 2011, 2:38:27 PM12/18/11
I am in the exact same case, i use Kod nearly only for php
programming, and the syntax highlighting dont work while i type some
new content in my files.
But the problem seems to be intermittent, sometimes, in some files the
highlighting works live, but in the majority of cases i have to re-
open my files.
I hope this problem will be fixed soon, of course i can use the "View
> Syntax mode > PHP" to re-highlight the content i just typed, but
this a impractical way compared to a auto-highlighting.
So if the Kod developer's team could fix that, it would be a good

PS: Please excuse any grammar mistakes, english is not my natural

Aidan B

Dec 28, 2011, 4:38:46 PM12/28/11
I have a similar issue. In C++ syntax mode, when I for example type
cout << "asdf" << endl;, Kod gets confused and still thinks I haven't
closed my quotes, and the rest of my entire program shows green and
nothing will fix it short of erasing that line. This makes it unusable
for me for C++, which is too bad because I use it for all my Python
and DOS batch snippets and I love the interface more than anything as
there is nothing like it. Please fix! I also have experienced rampant
crashing that means I have to save every line as it will regularly
crash while highlighting my Python syntax. I know people keep saying
"Don't cry this is beta", but that's obnoxious. Angry complaining
about something like highlighting is indeed annoying, but a beta
should not regularly crash.

Other than that, I love Kod and hope it grows into a full release! I
rarely program on my Mac unless I am on the road, but Kod makes me
enjoy editing again.
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