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Ombuna Edward

Feb 11, 2014, 2:16:35 AM2/11/14
Hi Team,

I need example when i input respondent actual age it automatically fill the banded age category ,ie when i put the actual is 23 the i get code 1 the category age when i pt 36 i get code 3-see below

1 18-24
2 25-35
3 36 -45


Tino Kreutzer

Feb 11, 2014, 11:50:32 AM2/11/14
Hi Edward,
The best way to do that is during analysis rather than in the form itself. You can do that easily in Excel or SPSS or whatever you're using. In Excel, a nested =IF() formula would easily slice your age values into any category you need. 

Using calculates (an additional hidden question type) would also make this possible by creating a complex IF...THEN statement directly in the XML. See here:!topic/kobo-users/RfWwfH6lpDg

Hope this helps,

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Neil Hendrick

Feb 11, 2014, 7:33:27 PM2/11/14
Alternatively, you can make your single select question have age ranges in the text labels, but record values 1,2,3.

In KoBoForm, that would look like this:
Inline image 1

The XML ends up looking like this:
    <select1 bind="A01">
      <label ref="jr:itext('A01')"/>
        <label ref="jr:itext('A01_1')"/>
        <label ref="jr:itext('A01_2')"/>
        <label ref="jr:itext('A01_3')"/>
​In the final form in KoBoCollect, the user will be presented with labels showing age ranges, and they can select a range. The values 1,2,3 will be recorded in the database. The only disadvantage here is that you will not know the user's EXACT age, you will only know the range. Otherwise, this is a simple and easy solution.​




Ombuna Edward

Feb 12, 2014, 6:05:32 AM2/12/14
Hi Team,

Thanks, i use Spss alot , its only that i wanted to save time for me and interviewers doing it, anyway thanks for your answers .

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