Bookmarks plugin not displaying Likes/Reposts

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Daniel Goldsmith

Feb 21, 2017, 7:24:17 AM2/21/17
to Known Developers

As noted in github issue #128 the Bookmarks plugin states in ContentType.php that it Types are:

`public $indieWebContentType = array('bookmark','like','repost');`

However, there is no ability in the plugin to create Likes or Reposts - functionality provided by KyleWM's independent plugin.

The `Like` Plugin also causes KyleWM's Likes & Reposts not to display.

Working with the `Like` Plugin in a separate github repository I have succeeded in getting ContentType Likes to display succesfully with


    if (!empty($vars['object']->likeof)) {


    <div class="e-content entry-content">
        <?=$icon?> Liked
            <a href="<?= $vars['object']->likeof; ?>" <?=$rel?> target="_blank">
                <?= $vars['object']->description; ?>


Using similar construction, however, I have not succeeded in getting Bookmarks to display, and have not been able to identify where Known has been creating an empty field.

For clarity, a Repost shows in 0.9.2 as:

<div class="idno-body">

I have checked the SQL for a repost, and can confirm that the property `repostof` is properly populated in:

{"access":"PUBLIC","owner":"http:\/\/\/profile\/dgold","repostof":"https:\/\/\/link\/mccabe-public-statement\/","syndicatedto":["https:\/\/\/_dgoldsmith\/status\/831205776333139968"],"description":"Daniel Goldsmith's McCabe Statement on Inquiry","body":false,"_id":"4424f04ba0e9525ccda916b4757f1924","slug":"repost-of-daniel-goldsmiths-mccabe-statement-on-inquiry-1d739c1b4b","created":1487533944,"updated":1487615747,"publish_status":"published","uuid":"https:\/\/\/2017\/repost-of-daniel-goldsmiths-mccabe-statement-on-inquiry-1d739c1b4b","markdown_editor":true,"entity_subtype":"IdnoPlugins\\Reactions\\Repost"}

Any ideas on how to advance this matter?

Andrew Jacobs

Dec 21, 2017, 3:43:36 PM12/21/17
to Known Developers
Hey, Daniel.  I had success in fixing my own installation by moving two of the "Reactions" plugin files.  See more details here:

I've also submitted a PR for the fix so it should be "live" soon.

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