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Cameron Neylon

Jul 19, 2009, 4:16:02 PM7/19/09
to Knowledge Waves
Martin has written up his early experience of using Wave at;

and I've written up the Scifoo session on Wave at;

The next main date is August 22nd when Martin, myself and Chris Thorpe
will be attempting to a demo at Science Online London. My personal
feeling is that is that at this stage just exploring what we can do
and how well things work is the best approach. Demonstrate some
functionality and then try to work out how best to bring things

If you haven't already applied for a demo account I suggest you do
ASAP as Google are now working through the backlog of applications,
more or less on a first in - first out basis. We may be able to get a
small number of people in on a priority basis but this will be only a
few. Until such time as things are in public beta we will be somewhat
limited in exploring the ability to run up specialised servers and use
a wider range of web services in any case. This is likely to be by the
end of the year.

I will be trying to get up some screencasts in the next few days but
am still really trying to sort out the UI myself. There are some
things which I really don't understand as yet and the documentation is
a little sparse on the ground. More information as it comes to hand.
I'm also aware that I owe you all more details on the various meetings
I had in SF and I will get to that as soon as I have a little more
information back from the main players.




Jul 20, 2009, 9:41:49 AM7/20/09
to Knowledge Waves
Hi Cameron,

How is the UI looking in terms of avoiding flame wars, spam and
information overload? (particularly the latter, as I suspect the first
two won't have come into play yet).


Cameron Neylon

Jul 20, 2009, 1:01:01 PM7/20/09
Right at the moment I don't get the UI at all. Perhaps others understand it
better. It is very gmail like so if you like that kind of search approach to
finding your mail its good, if you don't I guess you'll have to get used to
it. I think I'm keeping track of everything that is going on but I'm not
absolutely confident of that - so I guess that gives you an idea of it.

Flame wars - well it is a communication medium so it probably inevitable,
but it isn't anonymous so that should mitigate slightly. Spam will be an
inevitable problem as soon as there are external servers. I don't think
there is anything in the architecture than can mitigate spam directly but it
is the reason why there are no wave-email gateways as yet.


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