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Cameron Neylon

Sep 9, 2009, 4:42:21 AM9/9/09
to Knowledge Waves
Dear All

Apologies for the spam on the list over the past week or so. It was
all going into my spam folder so I hadn't noticed. I've banned the two
people responsible and reported them. The messages unfortunately can't
be deleted. I have also set the preferences so that any messages from
new members come to me for moderation.

On a more positive note things are starting to move on - we have some
more Robots being built for chemistry and there will be some articles
coming out over the next few months giving a general perspective on
how Wave might be useful for research (or not).

I wrote a blog post about ChemSpidey here:

and Egon Willighagen has written about getting some CDK code into a
Robot here:

I think it would be a good time to start thinking about good design
and how we might effectively share code, some of which might be shared
back into the main API. There are a lot of fairly basic things missing
at the moment, essentially generic ways of recognising which function
is required in a specific context and some general code for handling
in line modification as the text is written versus when a blip is
submitted. It would be great if the coding experts could offer their
thoughts on what good design for Robots should look like.

The public beta goes live on September 30 and I hope that by then
everyone who has put in a request will have an account. I am also
hoping to organize a UK hackathon sometime in late October/early
November to try and push things along.


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