NaN and inf behaviour

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Jun 29, 2023, 5:54:29 PM6/29/23
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Hello there!

What is the current behaviour of Knitro (as of 13.2) when the function, Jacobian, or Hessian encounters an inf or NaN? I saw in an old post, from 2015, that the solver will take a shorter step until a feasible answer is obtained. However, I see that the following return code is possible:

KN_RC_EVAL_ER:  This termination value indicates that an evaluation error occurred (e.g., divide by 0, taking the square root of a negative number), preventing the optimization from continuing.

Kind regards

Richard Waltz

Jun 29, 2023, 6:03:40 PM6/29/23

When the function evaluation produces inf or NaN, Knitro will take shorter steps until a solution estimate can be found where the functions are well-defined.  When the gradient/Jacobian/Hessian evaluation produces inf or NaN, Knitro terminates with an evaluation error message.  The distinction is that the function evaluation occurs for a "trial" solution estimate "x", and so it is easier to recover from since the function value at the current "x" should be well-defined.  On the other hand, a gradient/Jacobian/Hessian evaluation would occur at the current "x" and is more problematic (since Knitro uses derivative information to generate new solution estimates).

One way to try to avoid issues with evaluation errors is, if possible, to define finite lower and upper bounds on the variables in such a way that the functions, gradients, etc. are always well-defined inside these bounds, and then to set the option "honorbnds=1" in Knitro to ensure that all iterates generated during the solution process are within the defined variable bounds. See:

The "bar_feasible" option may also be helpful here:

-Richard Waltz

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Jun 29, 2023, 6:49:01 PM6/29/23
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Thanks a lot for your quick and clear reply, Richard! Got it.

Kind regards
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