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Chandrasekhar Rao

Jul 30, 2021, 10:04:22 AMJul 30
to Knative Users
Hey Folks

We are trying to evaluate the experimental version Knative v0.24

Describe the bug
Knative Eventing Metrics does not display expected metrics per and also displays unexpected output...

Expected behavior
When exposing broker ingress metrics, we expected to see "broker_ingress_**event_count", "broker_ingress_event_dispatch_latencies ...but saw the attached metrics and they look different from documentation.

To Reproduce
Install Knative Eventing 0.24 and scrape broker-ingress or just change cluster to NodePort for quick test...

Knative release version
Additional context - Actual Metrics Seen
Actual Output of Metrics:

mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="1e-05"} 0
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="0.0001"} 0
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="0.001"} 0
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="0.01"} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="0.1"} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="1"} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="10"} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="100"} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_bucket{name="",le="+Inf"} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_sum{name=""} 0.003490981
mt_broker_ingress_client_latency_count{name=""} 1
mt_broker_ingress_client_results{name=""} 195

Is this how the metrics are displayed? what the keyword mt_ in front and where are count metrics mentioned in docs....

Any clues?


Chandrasekhar Rao

Aug 3, 2021, 1:54:47 PMAug 3
to Knative Users
Resolved on GIT... please refer to resoulution there...

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