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Carlos Santana

Oct 25, 2021, 2:00:25 PMOct 25
to Knative Users
Hi Knative users

I have being experimenting with different tools, and this time I'm using minikube and skaffold to provide an experience where you can develop locally your knative serving service and have it reload or debug a brake point with minimal effort running on localhost:8080

I gave a talk about this pattern last week at the conference All Things Open, I created a repo that kind of hides the devops aspects and provides the developer just with what it wants to focus. 

I didn't "hide" the "Dokerfile" and .dockerignore" as I was testing the setup deploying to a "Container as a Service" like Code Engine, that will take as input the github repo and give you back a serverless url. Code Engine support the Dockerfile in a different location but the default is the root of the repo.

The repo also has a setup for vanilla kubernetes deployment, so the developer can compare if it's migrating from kubernetes deployment to a knative serving service

Give it a a try and slides [1] and let me know what you think, based on feedback I can take a look at building a template with other languages and integration with with github making a github template.

I used skaffold, but started looking at other integrations with tools like okteto and tilt

-- Carlos Santana

Mauricio Salatino

Oct 26, 2021, 4:19:11 AMOct 26
to Carlos Santana, Knative Users
Carlos this is awesome! thanks a lot for sharing... 
We should investigate how this maps to the buildpacks approach used in the func project. 


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