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Noha Ihab

Jun 7, 2024, 5:18:53 AMJun 7
to Knative Users
Hello Knative Community,

I'm looking into using Knative v1.10 in an airgapped environment, so I need to configure all the images to pull from a private registry.
I'm installing using the Knative Operator.
The docs are indicating to configure this list of images under `spec.registry` in the Knative Serving CR, including the `queue-proxy` image. When I configured the `queue-proxy` image to pull from my private registry, and ran a knative service, I was seeing the `queue-proxy` container failing with `ImagePullError`, I did some research and figured I need to configure the `queue-sidecar-image` under `spec.deployment` and this worked correctly (with the same image used in `queue-proxy`).
My question here is what is the difference between these 2 configurations?
From my findings I see that the `spec.deployment.queue-sidecar-image` is the one used in a deployment, so where is this other `spec.registry.override.queue-proxy` image used?

Jun 7, 2024, 10:16:20 AMJun 7
to Knative Users
If you would like to override the image of the queue-proxy, please use the configuration spec.deployment.queue-sidecar-image, because the image is configured with a configmap in knative serving named config-deployment.
Configure it like this in operator CR:
spec: config: deployment: queue-sidecar-image: <the link to your image>
It is the standard way to override keys in configMaps. Do not use the one `spec.registry.override.queue-proxy`.
The spec.registry.override... only works for images that are available in deployments, DaemonSet, StatefulSet and job, on their `image` fields.
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