Switching to DCO as part of CNCF onboarding process

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Ville Aikas

Mar 3, 2022, 1:16:36 PM3/3/22
to knati...@googlegroups.com, knativ...@googlegroups.com
During today's steering meeting we discussed (again) the CLA vs. DCO.
As part of the ongoing CNCF onboarding process we need to decide on
this, and steering is leaning towards switching to DCO. There's
previous discussion on the matter here:


If you have strong reasons for this switch to not take place, please
bring this up on the above mentioned issue. In the past there has been
quite a bit of support for switching to DCO, so we do not expect this
to be contentious, but just to make sure everybody has a chance to
weigh in on this matter and bring up points we may not have
considered, we'll hold of on making the decision until next Steering
meeting (2020-03-10).
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