Removal of StackDriver Metrics & Tracing Support

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Dave Protasowski

Jul 5, 2021, 9:42:44 PMJul 5
to Knative Users, Knative Developers
Hey everyone,

We're looking to drop support for exporting metrics and tracing directly to StackDriver. Our goal is to drop vendor-specific libraries in favour of using a third-party exporter service. In terms of alternatives we suggest using OpenCensus/OpenTelemetry [1][2]. This allows operators to configure the metrics and traces to be proxied to various backends - one of which is StackDriver. 

The only users (I'm aware of) that use the StackDriver exporter is Google - and they've stopped using it directly. Given an alternative solution has been available for a few releases we're going to go ahead and remove StackDriver for the Knative v0.25 release (August 2021). If you have any comments on concerns please reach out on the tracking issue [3].

- dave

[2] We currently use OpenCensus SDK for export - long term we'll switch to an OpenTelemetry SDK - see: 

Francesco Guardiani

Jul 6, 2021, 2:39:55 AMJul 6
to Dave Protasowski, Knative Users, Knative Developers
FWIW in eventing-kafka-broker we're already using OpenTelemetry for tracing, while we're using Micrometer for metrics.

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