How to allow only HTTP Probes for Routes?

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Jan 12, 2023, 8:12:30 AMJan 12
to Knative Users
Hi all,
I am trying to expose an access to pytorch model hosted with KServe/Kubeflow, but InferenceServing is not ready because of issue on Route.
I already able to predict on model using https://<MYMODEL>.<MYDOMAIN>.com/v1/models/<MODELNAME>:predict endpoint and it works great for me.
But KNative's net-istio-controller shows me this error:

{"severity":"ERROR","timestamp":"2023-01-12T12:59:51.631654666Z","logger":"net-istio-controller.istio-ingress-controller","caller":"status/status.go:403","message":"Probing of https://<MYMODEL>.<MYDOMAIN>.com:443 failed, IP:, ready: false, error: error roundtripping https://<MYMODEL>.<MYDOMAIN>.com:443/healthz: EOF (depth: 0)","commit":"dc8f82e","":"istio-ingress-controller","":"","":"","":"1cd44c14-4c54-490a-a5a0-2141807ee948","":"data-models/corener-exposed-predictor-default","stacktrace":"*Prober).processWorkItem\n\\*Prober).Start.func1\n\"}

My Gateway allows only HTTP access, and I don't want to issue a certificate because I am using Istio-ingressgateway with Azure Internal Load Balancer which is visible only from the same network.

Is it possible to turn off HTTPS probes for Routes of my InferenceService? I want use HTTP Probes only (which already passed). Maybe you can suggest something else how to make my InferenceService deployed?
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