An update on Knative foundation status

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Donna Malayeri

Oct 1, 2019, 5:36:13 PM10/1/19

Knative community members,

Since the start of the Knative project, there have been questions about whether Knative would be donated to a foundation, such as CNCF. Google leadership has considered this, and has decided not to donate Knative to any foundation for the foreseeable future.

Knative continues to be an open source project with an open and diverse community, with several vendors represented on the Steering Committee. Within the next few weeks, we plan to clarify how project members can attain leadership positions in Knative. As always, our goal is to ensure that Knative serves the needs of our users, the community, and everyone who benefits from using Knative.

Donna Malayeri, on behalf of Google

Sebastien Goasguen

Oct 2, 2019, 3:16:09 AM10/2/19
to Donna Malayeri, Knative Developers
Hi all,

This is a very disappointing email.

A foundation provides a neutral ground for competing parties to work together, develop software and build an ecosystem that is key to the long term viability of software. That ecosystem helps develop a market that we can all benefit from.

Without a neutral ground, the "community" is just free labor that benefits the company in charge.

Having been involved with the ASF, I have always been in favor of the philosophy that puts individuals above companies and the non-affiliation concept in representations within a SC or TOC. I was disappointed by the initial Charter that put companies first but I am now even more. It is sadly clear that Knative is a Google project and intends to remain that way, this will not lead to creation of a strong community.

While I cannot find any trace of the SC discussions about this matter, as a community member I did transparently file these issues:


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Jacques Chester

Oct 3, 2019, 9:39:37 AM10/3/19
to Donna Malayeri, Knative Developers
As a point of order: I believe this is a Steering Committee decision, not Google's decision. 

Because SC meetings are private ("in camera") by default, there is currently no public evidence of such a decision being made by the Committee.

I would find it helpful for the Steering Committee to authorise the release of minutes showing the exact motion that was discussed and how each assignee voted on it.



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