Knanaya Family

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Knanaya Community is a very distinct ethnic and religious group whose ancestry traces back to Abraham. Knanaya Christians, a hybrid people of Indian and Jewish descent, carved a unique niche for themselves in India. They developed a style of life that was borrowed from both their jewish and Indian progenitors but jelled into something that was essentially their own. Knananites continue to be an endogamous community.

This website is an Archive of Articles on Knanaya Community and includes selected posts published in

Knanaya Family Group

This website will reflect the community’s movement, exploring its roots, its variety and present developments.  Knanaya Family Group aims to provide a balanced, calm and thoughtful perspective on community issues, promoting open and rational debates based on evidence rather than ideology. 

I expect this selection of articles to grow steadily richer over time, and I hope that it will inspire people to carefully study and understand the culture and history of Knanaya community.

Regards,Vinod Kuriakose,
Kavumkal, Ranny