Map Contours ~ Advanced Algorithms for KML Contouring

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Oct 15, 2011, 5:33:34 PM10/15/11
to KML Developer Support - Third Party Applications

A few months ago we were looking for an application that would
generate contours in Google Earth/Maps (not image tiles that would be
difficult to manage, but true KML polygons that would scale easily).

The goal was simple: Find an application that took a collection of
map points and easily generated contours. We found nothing that would
meet our needs for under $30,000!!! So we created our own
application: "Map Contours".

If you ever wanted to do contouring in KML for Google Earth/Maps, "Map
Contours" is a very cool application:

There is both an online service where you can upload an XML data file
and have a KML contour file returned, and a Java "mapcontours.jar"
file which can be included in any J2EE application.

P.S. We know this is a shameless plug for a product that is not free;
however, the cost is minimal and the benefits are great.

P.P.S. Why isn't "Map Contours" free? Times are tough. Communism
has failed.

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