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Ingo Albrecht

Nov 20, 2020, 7:22:06 AM11/20/20

I just wanted to drop a quick status update since I got distracted by
other things. My klish work is currently waiting to be picked up again.

I will get back to this at some point, hopefully soon. ;)


List of open topics:

* terminfo plugin that provides portable "attribute variables"
** can be used to color the prompt or anything else that gets expanded
** might want to add support for resetting attributes at certain points

* experimental sqlite plugin
** uses name-based templating, therefore safe against SQL injections
** interesting experiment, seems to work well for small databases

* experimental python plugin
** almost there...

* new schema based on RelaxNG
** XSD is a bad format for converting from
** RelaxNG is much nicer, can be converted to DTD, XSD, RelaxNG Compact
** All I wanted was emacs completion, but then this schema happened
** Some minor voodoo required due to clish choices
** Proposal is not to integrate conversions into the build but simply
commit all the resulting files
** Schema files should be installed

* configure/make support for xmllint
** wanted this because I also have some cleaned-up XML files
** would be nice to figure out a better way of dealing with
pre-delivered XML files
** did not implement installation yet

Other findings:

* plugins should not be installed in /usr/lib
** should be something like /usr/lib/clish/plugins
** could remove non-portable XML dependency on file name
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