PB Memorial Hawk Watch next Saturday

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Sep 18, 2023, 12:29:08 AMSep 18
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Hello All,

Here's a field trip notice that might be of interest. I will be at the Modoc Rim on this day, counting raptors and all the other birds. 

September 23, Saturday: Patty Buettner Memorial Hawk Watch, Modoc Rim. This is an all day event at the top of the rim, north of Hagelstein Park. A team of observers will continuously scan to the north watching for migrating buteos, falcons, eagles, and accipiters. Harriers, Ospreys, and Vultures could be seen too. It begins at 9, and will go to 3 pm. The attention is constant, with scopes aimed to see the furthest possible. Once a raptor is seen, identification becomes a focus. Sometimes raptors fly by quite close, but it is a fleeting look as they pass by. There will be very knowledgeable observers present who can share key ID information. Most conversations are about raptors and identification. To attend, meet at the locomotive at Veteran's Park prior to 7:30 am. Departure from there will be promptly at that time.  A stop to survey birds at Hagelstein Park will happen before ascending the steep rough road to the rim. There is a short 100 meter hike through a brushy trail to the viewing area. There are no restroom facilities there. Bring water, lunch, snacks, a camp chair, binoculars, a wide brimmed hat, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes. A scope and tripod is useful.  Long pants and sleeves are recommended. The view there on a clear day is breathtaking. Questions: please contact Kevin Spencer: rrip...@charter.net


Sep 18, 2023, 10:54:43 AMSep 18
to klamathbasinbirdnews: googlegroups.com, rrip...@charter.net
drat, i will be at point reyes birding that day.  the winter raptor folks are looking for someone to do two route, one is called tule east and the other malin.  i am already doing two route over that way.  anyone interested?  i will send you the info i have from the organizer jeff.  shannon rio

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