Malayalam Movie Dabangg 2

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Dec 8, 2023, 7:56:29 AM12/8/23
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Wow!Okay 1stly indians in India where dancing and singing to "Kajra Re","Sheila", dare I mention "Choli ke beeche" and now all of a sudden "Fevicol" is a problem? Why? Because males don't know how to treat women? It is the men in YOUR society that objectify women,and western society has nothing to do with it...Fathers need to teach the sons respect and mothers need to set an example for their daughter so that they stand up for themselves and people in general should learn to help others,according to what I hear stuff like this happens in broad daylight, its also depicted that way in bollywood a country where "eve-teasing" is a crime,how does a male have the guts to still rape?...

malayalam movie Dabangg 2

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What nonsense ! It's just a fun song. This song is just about two brothers celebrating and flirting with a girl. How come people are calling it vulgar ? Why don't these people say anything about say Yash Chopra, Karan Johar movies and other songs where girls are seen wearing skimpy clothes, bikinis and provocative mordern dresses. In the song Badtameez Dil there are numerous close up shots Deepika's figure. Why there has not been any single objection to it. People who are calling 'fevicol se' vulgar might find these aforementioned songs and movies classy. It's all a matter of perception. Get a life bloody hypocrites. Comparing it to what happened in Delhi is outright ridiculous.

Malayalam cinema industry has always warmed up to debutant film makers and writers who prove their mettle in their first movie itself. Latest movie Cold Case starring Prithviraj in the lead role too is directed by a newcomer. The film that was released on the streaming giant Amazon Prime is helmed by Tanu Balak. Though this is his first outing as a director, Tanu is no stranger to the cinema industry.

I have wielded the camera for super hit movies like Train and Of The People. Meanwhile, I mostly did advertisements for television. It is only now that a good screenplay came my way. The script of the movie is penned by Sreenath V Nath. When I showed it to ace cinematographer Jomon T John, he too liked it. It was he who spoke to Prithviraj about this story. Anto Joseph, Sameer and Jomon agreed to jointly bankroll the movie. That is how this movie took shape. I decided to turn to direction when I got a screenplay which I really liked and wished to direct.

Everyone feel happiness when they hear great comments about their works. The audience in around 250 countries can watch the movie at the same time since it had an OTT release. Besides, the movie got amazing visibility on the first day itself. Lots of people are calling to congratulate and express their opinion about the film. I am really excited about it. This movie was shot amid the Covid pandemonium. When a movie is released on OTT, huge number of people would watch it on the first day itself and say their comments. It indeed is one of the most amazing advantages of having an OTT release.

People are always interested in watching thriller movies. Such movies would instantly attract attention. The initial thread of the movie only had a horror track. It was only later that it got transformed into an investigative thriller. In the plot, two types of investigations happen in a parallel manner. We are not commenting whether any faith or beliefs are right or wrong. Each person can decide based on their own beliefs and conviction.

Everything was well planned as the pandemic restrictions were still on. The crew members had stayed at a single location, without going home or breaching the bubble. On some days, we had to film wearing PPT kits. The indoor scenes were shot first. We had planned to shoot the outdoor scenes and the shots that involve crowds in the end. I must say that there were difficulties. Some of the locations were abruptly turned into containment zones. So, we had to look for new locations. Fortunately, no one in the crew had tested positive while shooting. Everyone was careful and we shot the movie by strictly following the pandemic protocols.

I do not wish to do another movie as soon as my first movie is released. I would commit a film only if I like the script. I had waited for so long only because I was looking for a good script. I am listening to many stories and narrations. But, I would take it up only if I like the theme and the story. I am really happy that my debut movie just got released. Those who have watched the movie is calling me and saying great comments. Now, my main job is speaking to them. Besides, I take rest and sleep a lot. I would request everyone to watch Cold Case and let me know your opinions.

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