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Rebbeca Schulke

Dec 8, 2023, 2:34:28 AM12/8/23
to kiwi

I since it's a pay site its unlikely that they contains all that crap seh is talking about(but no guarantee). I doubt anyone on this site uses this site since we are cheap and we wouldn't pay for anything that is legally free.
He could get varible editor such as ram cheat(free i think) which will work on almost any game.
If he really wants trainers he should be able to find some free ones to try out(probably the same ones that site charges for), just download from a reputable site otherwise you will end up those problems SEH was talking about.
The cheats are usually the same things they had on game genie, invincibility, infinite stuff, edit stats ect..

Just because its a pay site doesn't change the fact that most of the people who run/operate those kinds of sites are shady as hell. I could go download a ton of trainers, attach whatever I wanted with them, and then sell them too. Does that make me legit?

Free Cheathappens Trainers

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If you're looking for cheats for the latest PC game you're playing, you've probably spent some time looking around the internet for the best places to download trainers. It can be tricky, as many free sites are untrustworthy and you risk infecting your PC with a virus when downloading .exes from sites like GameCopyWorld.

CheatHappens is one popular trainer website which offers a level of professionalism and quality not found at the free trainer download sites. They have a dedicated team that codes and updates new trainers day in and day out, with tons of cheat features to customize every element of your gameplay experience.

The downside to this is that most of their trainers require a membership at their site. In this review we'll cover whether the CheatHappens membership is really worth it, and what you can expect as a paying member.

The trainer manager is one of the stand-out features of CheatHappens. With access to this software you can download the latest trainers in a single click without having to even open up the website, as well as update all your existing trainers if there's been an update.

The trainer manager software makes cheating in your favorite games easier than ever, since it makes it simple to keep your trainers up to date with the latest game patches and versions. This is the kind of convenience that makes the membership worth it.

CheatHappen's advantage over other trainer sites really shows in the features that they include in their trainers. You can expect to find features like teleporting to waypoints, invisibility, character stat editing and much more. Of course you'll also see the usual cheats like unlimited money, infinite health and unlimited stamina, but those are the the common cheats found in many trainers. The more advanced features are much rarer to see in free trainers.

CheatHappens also uses the same interface and control scheme for all trainers, so once you get used to using their cheats, you'll know exactly how to quickly toggle on features and control the cheats. With a modern UI their trainers are easy to use and include plenty of documentation of how each feature works.

Say goodbye to out-of-date trainers when you start using CheatHappens. The team there works tirelessly to keep their trainers up-to-date and working with the latest game updates. Unlike with free trainers where you have to go and find a new trainer every time there's a game patch, CheatHappens is very responsive and in the case of an outdated trainer it's easy to request an update through their website.

They're also always adding new trainers, and you'll usually find whatever the hottest new game releases are on the front-page of their website with a feature-loaded cheat available. If you're interested, you can see all the daily updates they release on their website.

Unlike many cheat websites where you'll find they don't support some games, CheatHappens supports pretty much every new game that's released, and also has years of back-catalog of trainers for games released in previous years.

If you're interested in learning how to make your own cheats and trainers, CheatHappens even has you covered here. They have a free software called CoSMOS which you can use to hack games, as well as learn how to create cheats. With step-by-step video tutorials you can learn how to change values like your health or money in a game, and advance to more complicated game-hacking. The CoSMOS software makes this possible with no coding required, so you don't have to spend months or years learning a language like C++.

We were very impressed with CheatHappen's trainers and service, and convinced after trying it that it's far superior to relying on downloading random trainers off the internet for the latest game you're playing.

Not only were their trainers better and loaded with features, but knowing that the software is safe to run on our PC and it only took a click or two to update our trainers really won us over. CheatHappens is our #1 recommended PC trainer website for 2023.

CheatHappens have been around for a long time, though if you are new to using game cheats, you may not have heard about them before. Their cheats do in fact work, and they're actually quite good. Most importantly though is that their trainers are kept updated, so you don't have to go looking for another trainer after a game update breaks your current cheats.

From the tags in the top right of the screenshot, you can see the cheat supports RGB colors with some keyboards, so your keyboard's lighting can respond to activating trainer functions. The trainer can also be downloaded and updated through the CheatHappens trainer manager, which is a free download you can learn more about here.

In this first comment, redditor Selm1R was responding to a topic about where to find trainers. He mentioned that he has been using CH for quite a long time and ended up purchasing a lifetime membership. We also recommend that, since it becomes a great value over a few years. You may wish to try a monthly membership just to see the trainers first for yourself, but you'll probably want to upgrade.

In this comment, Dementedfreakazoid mentioned that the cheats are safe in their experience but not available for free. CheatHappens does offer some basic cheat features for free, but to take full advantage of their trainers you will need a membership. I myself used free trainers for many years and saw no reason to pay for them, but eventually when I did try the CH premium membership I never went back. It was so much more convenient having always updated cheats, with great features and no risk of infecting my PC.

Their comment about the trainers being found somewhere else for free is false as far as I am aware, since CheatHappens own team members create their trainers they are different from some other trainer coders like Fling or MrAntiFun who in the past shared their trainers across multiple sites.

Their account has since been deleted but this redditor commented that CheatHappens was the only site they could find that wasn't a scam or had viruses. This is an unfortunate fact, that any time you download a random free cheat from an uploader on a website you are trusting that they haven't infected the file in some way. It can be a huge pain if your PC is infected, as you can lose data, and even have the virus spread if you restore any existing data on another PC or after reformatting.

Regarding their comment about 'paying for "new" trainers', you can choose to purchase some trainers individually on CheatHappens but they have moved away from this model to memberships where you have few or no restrictions on your downloads.

The cheating service itself is quite good, with trainers for the latest games being available to download with a premium membership. They have a lot of extra features as well, like their trainer manager for downloading and updating trainers, written instructions as well as many video demonstrations, RGB lighting support, and a mobile app being developed. You can't go wrong with this service.

In other words, GCW are no better than software pirates stealing the hard work and revenue from the true creators who put their time, money, blood, sweat and tears into the software, which they rely on to feed their families. They regularly stole content from @MrAntiFun, before he joined WeMod where trainers are impossible to steal thanks to secret state-of-the-art encryption. You should not be supporting GCW by visiting their website, let alone downloading anything from them.

All WeMod trainers are free to use. No trainers here at WeMod require a Pro subscription to use.
If you are not a Pro user, you need to activate cheats using the keyboard hotkeys, that are displayed on the right-hand side of each cheat.

And we only make trainers if the game is democratically popular within the WeMod community. Otherwise it is an uneconomical waste of time, money and server space, all of which are finite. See here for how trainers get made or updated here: Game Queue - WeMod Support.

you dont understand this aint about getting a trainer for free this is about getting a game thATo WOuld cost money and getting the game for free making a trainer that would originally cost money to make but makeing the trainer for free,the game would also have only one version for the game,the time makeing trainers for a game that would have 20 versions of the game you would have made 20 trainers for 1games with no paying money for the game plus these games have never updated in years usually these game dont ever update based on this you dont need to make mutliple trainers for the same game,
pretend you trainers for 10 games each game you have made 20 trainers for each game because the game has 20 verisons of the game in this amount of time you would be able to make 200 trainers for 200 games,now you said you make games that wemod memebers choose but let me tell you this when you add thousands of new games useing my tactic you increase the amount of games avaliable you also increase the possibility of getting new wemod members because its possible a individual will come here and desire no game but when you add tousands of new games you maybe get a game he desires plus when you add thousands of new games you will increase your status in trainer websites to come close to possibily being more trainers then cheathappens,so understand if you get the games at one version or at the last version for free and add them to this website you will be closer to becoming a stronger trainer website

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