Kivy doesn't play nice ;-( with other packages!!

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Negus-Esh Ses

Apr 3, 2024, 6:39:33 PMApr 3
to Kivy users support
Hi everyone, 

I'm new here so not sure how active/friendly everyone is. I hope you're all ok!!

How do You get Kivy to work with other 3rd party packages?

So, I've got this thing about Doc.Strings with most Python modules. Kivy hurts my heart and it's taken near 18 months for me to actually find here and join....this whole time, what is sparsely available on Google...and Youtube(Google) discord(Google.Kivy >D)...

Anyway, my headache:

After a few months brushing up my scripting skills with Python, I decided to take on a Kivy project after some thorough research into potentials to build my App.

Off the bat, the basic tutorials online worked 8/10 times and most of the Youtube tutorials were...basic to say the least!!

I found this one blog that actually taught thoroughly  how to use the Screen Manager and for my first adventure, I would learn the hard way.... that Kivy is "NOT easy()".

Ny first adventure added a few of the demo's to different screens with a menu screen.
  1. Camera worked by itself, could not get it to work on the screen.
  2. Only figured out how to make the rotating monkey head last week, not added yet.
  3. Only figured out how to use the GLSL example properly...still can't update colours like in __ play on the live editor example...just nothing happens!!
  4. Struggled with first! Now...lot's of fun!!
That's just a brief, on my adventure there. for about 4/5 months of getting used to the kv style and build structure.

Then I went back to Python and to test dataclasses and SQLite3 for my own app. What an adventure that was, all the while simultaneously growing with kivy.

So, nearly 2 years up the road. I've accomplished most of what I wanted to to accomplish, except this one 12+ month old headache; why is it Kivy does not play nice with others?

Maybe I've not been into the Kivy Garden to venture through the various flowers in the field, however,  just before I got here I figured out how to use;

from kivy.factory import Factory as fact

def register():

Within which my class function class for data via an api_key call. The api_key is perfectly fine. I've tested it in an ipynb with my 3rd party package 'MusicMagic'. I see my data, function works brilliantly, no problems there. Now I add the output from this to a Label on my screen.....however...again....Terminal gives this error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'MusicMagic'

And My head is sooo broken at this point. I think I've combed through "'everything'" about 100 times.......maybe I'm missing something and I just cannot see it right now. But I'm at my wits anyone at all?

Elliot Garbus

Apr 3, 2024, 6:49:23 PMApr 3
Please share a minimal executable program that shows your issue. 

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Hi everyone, 
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