Kivy not using Mali GPU drivers for HW Accel

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William Huang

Jul 11, 2021, 9:06:19 AM7/11/21
to Kivy development
I posted this on the discord channel, I'm posting on the mailing list just for extra coverage.
I have a device that houses a Mali T86x GPU. I'm pretty sure I have the GPU drivers installed (tested using glmark2... score of about 55). However, Kivy keeps falling back to the LLVM pipe for rendering. I've tried recompiling SDL2 to enable gles2 and patched Kivy's setup file to setup via the Mali path. I've also patched SDL2 source to hard code the mali drivers, but I don't think that even matters cause Im asking Kivy to use GL backend.

Any hints on where else to look?
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