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Mathieu Virbel

Sep 28, 2011, 12:34:09 PM9/28/11
Hi everyone,

AlessonZa from IRC was asking if we are ok for translating Kivy in
Brazilian / Portuguese. Since Kivy is gaining more and more users
everyday, translating Kivy is a big task, but can be done with the
help of Community. The biggest issue in that is to keep synced
translations and source code / documentation.

So, please contribute here :

They are actually 32516 words to be translated. If you want to make a
new translation lang, please respond to that email with your account
and the lang prefix you want.
During that period, every new user asking for a new language will be
administrator of that language. Each lang will be under the
responsability of the lang administrator.
When translation will reach 99% (depending more about what is
translated etc), i'll activate documentation generation for that lang
by default within buildbot.

Feel free to respond to that email if you have any question :)


Mathieu Virbel

Oct 4, 2011, 11:25:59 AM10/4/11
Hi everyone,

For translator admin: please read carefully the end.

I've good and bad news. Good news is the translation project is
started, and lot of people join the team to help ! This is very very
However, Pootle is nice to translate, but the biggest issue is to
maintain translation over time, when the source message is changing.

Bad news:
1. Pootle have a bug that i've reported: - currently, i've
reverted the "bad commit".
2. I've done a mistake by using Kivy 1.0.5 for generating initial messages.
3. With new Kivy 1.0.8, they are lot of changes inside the initial
messages, and some translations are lost.

Good news:
1. The process is now automatic. Each time a commit is done,
generation of templates for translation are done and pushed into
2. The process commit also the new template automatically into
kivy-translations project.
3. Google translation are now activated. You can click on the google
icon for having a suggestion of the current message.

Admins informations

You are responsible of your language translations, and of your
translator team. Feel free to recruit them and for doing any course
for translation.

1. Commit when you're done

Check the news tab. If you see any files with translations finished,
it's a good behavior to commit them. In case of something bad happen
when update to latest templates, you will be able to recover your
message by looking at the history if kivy-translations project. No
commit message are required, all is automatic. Just don't forget about
it :)

2. Update to latest templates

By default, a language is not automatically updated from latest Kivy templates.
So, in your lang page, go to the "Files" tab, and click on "Update
from templates"
To know what have been changed after update, you can check the "News" tab.
You might loose translation and it's normal. If the initial message
have changed too much, the translation will disapear.
If the message have changed a little, it will be moved to "fuzzy"
message. You need to revalidate it.

That's all !

Thanks everyone for the initial work, and i have a surprise for every
participant :)


2011/9/28 Mathieu Virbel <>:

Gabriel Pettier

Oct 4, 2011, 11:35:44 AM10/4/11
That's awesome news!

used with care, the google translate can save a lot of time, just
proofread before validating, because sometime it will be wrong :)

automatic updates are really cool, it will be easy to know what's to
update, very nice :).

i can't wait for the surprise :P

thanks again for setting this :)

Mathieu Virbel

Oct 4, 2011, 11:42:57 AM10/4/11
Automatic update of templates, not of the lang.
A manual operation is still needed to update the lang from templates.
Because this operation can:
1. move message to fuzzy flag
2. remove message

So it must be used with care, and fill the blank after update :)
(well, when the lang was already 100% ^^)

2011/10/4 Gabriel Pettier <>:


Oct 14, 2011, 6:53:10 PM10/14/11
Default documentation(English) in Kivy seems to be a little hit and miss in terms of being grammatically correct.
(have started to notice these since trying to translate)

If there was a En-US translation it would be a lot easier to add suggestions for it rather than to do a pull a request
for grammatical/other errors.

Mathieu Virbel

Oct 15, 2011, 3:55:17 AM10/15/11
Hi qua-non,

Yes, it's far from beeing perfect. Unfortunately, even with an en-us
project, how do you push back the fixes to the source of the message ?
Right now, i know it a pain, but we don't have alternative. (By the way,
if you use edit button on the github website, it's a little bit easier
to do the process)
I see a way of doing that, but that would require some developments, and
not entirely sure that it would work. Would be a good feature request
for sphinx i think.

Sphinx is doing today the creation of gettext files from the sources.
Now, Sphinx could be able to regenerate the sources from a translations.

Who want to give it a try ? :)


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