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Steve Kibble

May 19, 2021, 11:15:22 PM5/19/21
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew

Thursday already and time to ensure your running gear is out and ready for you put on for the KRClassic tonight.

Last Saturday nights KR social was a raging success with about 30 or so of the KRew gathering at the Treehouse in North Sydney. Everyone had a great time just spending time with their running friends and not a running shoe in sight. Thank you Judy for organising and I’m sure that we will do another social night soon!

This Saturday one of KRs Ercan is going to be doing his 200th parkrun at Rhodes. That’s an amazing number well done and I’m sure there will be a huge contingent of the KRew and Rhodes Runners there to celebrate it.

Don’t forget coming up in the life of KR is Gold Coast that we have a lot of people aiming to do the marathon or half marathon up there. I hope you too are planning on it and have booked your place in the race. We will have a few gatherings up there for the folks both pre and post the races.

Tonight of course is KRClassic, and as usual Joy and I will be there from about 6:15pm or so to welcome you and while some folks are still running out a bit earlier in smaller groups, as restrictions have really eased we are heading back to having the whole group start at 6:40pm. But, no matter whether you want to start a bit earlier, or at the more traditional time of 6:40pm, Joy will be there with her car to store your bags should you need it. Can I ask though, that you please have your bags stored by 6:40pm so that we can all head out for a run across the bridge together?

And can I also ask that you please register your attendance at this link:

Or I will have a QR code tonight for you to register as you arrive.

Post the run we have been heading to the Kirribilli Hotel and then on to pizza to socialise and I hope that you to will stay and join us, of course observing the current COVID restrictions in those places.

This week I have been chatting to one of newer members and avid gamer (board not computer) James on his running journey.

Your name and/or running nickname? 

Jamie El Chapo Rapido (by which I mean no of course I do not have a running nickname)

How long have you been running? 

I started running at about 16. I had a lot of teenage flab on not a lot of surface area (…I am very short), which made for quite a round teenager. A looking back at one awful set of summer holiday photos made me realise I needed to do something about it, so I almost literally dropped what I had in my hands right there and ran to the nearest park for a few laps. Hundreds of laps later and vaguely more human shaped, I promptly forgot you can run anywhere outside of a rugby pitch for about five years, before starting over again post-university. 

What inspires you to keep running? 

I’ve read a few other people’s answer to this questions (and they’re amazing – this club is filled with some seriously inspiring people) and know I’m supposed to say something impressive but I honestly, legitimately, truthfully keep running so I can eat shameful amounts of pizza and sweets whenever I want to. I’m still that round teenager at heart. 

What’s the coolest place you have ever run? 

I’ve been super lucky in life in that I used to work in aviation and spend most of my time travelling. I would usually pack my trainers to explore wherever I happened to be, so the list of stunning locations I’ve gone through is kind of showboaty… I won’t do that (much) but will say that the fjords of Iceland are unfairly stunning. 

Tokyo is possibly my favourite city on this planet and has amazing parks, and the route I ran when I was living on the Gold Coast is pretty special to me; plucked straight out of London - in winter - and plonked in a place with nothing but 30C+ weather and white sand for as far as you could see. Well let’s just say that it was very easy to put the shoes on and get out the door back then! 

How do you feel at the start of a run? 

Calm. When I’m starting a run I know I’ve got a nice timeslot to just… exist. I don’t usually run with a phone so it’s dedicated time for myself and I don’t have to worry about life or work or whatever it is that I should be doing instead. Having said that, I’m quite competitive and when I’m in (relative) form I know I’ll be disappointed if I’m not pushing myself, so sometimes I’m secretly gearing myself up too. 

When you see another runner coming towards you, what do you do? 

Definitely give them a little head nod. Especially if you’re both suffering through the rain or cold, it’s runners’ law in my mind. 

What’s the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you whilst running? 

Not sure it’s the correct definition of ‘interesting’ but I’ve been chased/attacked by dogs on at least five occasions. I also once picked up a straggler in a bear outfit from a stag-do who, to his credit, followed me at a decent pace, beer-in-hand for about 2kms. 

What do your friends think of your running? 

Worryingly, a lot of my friends these days are runners too, so they’re all encouraging and stuff. B***ards. 

What do you do with your clothes immediately after you get home from a run? 

Straight in the washing machine; them is nasty. 

What’s the one thing you wish you’d been told before you started running? 

It’s super obvious but buy the right shoes! When I started off I was just wearing whatever I had to hand and oh man, the blisters and pressure points were the worst. I couldn’t understand how anyone enjoyed running! These days, I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t agree that Mizuno somehow weave fluffy clouds into shoes.

Thanks for sharing Jamie and I’m sure being chased by someone dressed as a bear with a beer gave you some extra pace that day!

Chris O #HealthTip 

Nutrition and Distance Running 

With the Gold Coast Marathon just around the corner, I’ve noticed an increase in excited chatter about running preparation for the big day. 

In one of these conversations the topic of nutrition came up, so it got me thinking. What should I eat before and during a race, and should I care what I eat afterwards? Well it turns out these are all important considerations. 

I did some research and found this article by Training Peaks. Though I will leave it to you to ask your fellow KR’s about specific gel brands and water intake, this article does cover the topic holistically with helpful tips and reasoning why.

Thanks Chris and I can fully attest to the importance of proper nutrition when tackling longer races and training runs.

Well that’s a wrap for another week. 

Remember to take care of yourself and others.

Happy trails,








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