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Steve Kibble

Jun 30, 2021, 10:41:23 PM6/30/21
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew

As you can all appreciate KR is still in virtual mode for the time being, and so that means, still go out for a run, anywhere and really, any distance you’d like to do today. Then post the run here on our FB page with a photo or two and we all promise to like it and give you kudos for it. Please use the tag #krvirtualrunclub as it will help it get noticed and encourage others to go out as well.

Personally I went out early this morning with my running buddy as we are still allowed to run with a friend or 2, and we had a lovely time trotting along Military Road wondering why there were so many cars with the whole city in lock down at the moment!! But, be that as it may, we had a great time and we got a lovely view of the harbour city covered in a low blanket of thick fog, with just the top of the bridge and high-rise buildings sticking out. (See photos)

So if you are planning on running the usual KRClassic course this evening, or a variation, or from your front door around your local neighbourhood, I hope you enjoy it.  Remember, just like when we were all in lockdown last year, get outside to run each and every day! (Okay if you don’t want to run everyday, at least go for a walk!)

ChrisO #HealthTip 

Solo running: Amazing things can happen to those who run alone

The streets are nearly empty, and it’s surreal to once again see the Sydney Harbour Bridge with so few cars on it. As a community I know we will pull through this, though for the short term this means no group running or racing events. 

If you are like me, you will be keen to maintain your fitness without increasing the risk of injury or risk of getting infected. Then the idea of running solo came to mind, then that got me thinking: What defines a solo run? Are there benefits to running alone compared to running in a group? What are some tips that will help me when running alone? 

After a bit of research I came across this article about the amazing things that can happen to you when you run solo. Regardless of whether you’re a convert or a skeptic about running alone, I think there is some value in reading about running solo.

Thanks Chris, as a long time, long distant runner, I can certainly attest to the joys, benefits and the Zen, of long runs by myself. However, in recent times, I’ve found I’m really loving running with a buddy, as I’m sure regular readers of this newsletter will know, and I’m grateful to have those running friends who have shared many amiable kilometres with me.

Anyway, just a short letter this week, hopefully we will be back to a more normal letter next week although, of course, we will still be in KRClassic Virtual Mode.

Well that’s a wrap for another week. 

Remember to take care of yourself and others.

Happy trails,









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