KRClassic “Elevate Sydney” Variation Tonight

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Steve Kibble

Jan 5, 2022, 11:58:00 PMJan 5
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew

Happy New Year and welcome to the start of your running year that this time we will call Run2022!

It’s exciting to be at the start of the New Year and looking forward to racing the many races that we may have not been able to run for the last two years, and travel to many places that we have not been able to travel to and to many adventures that stretch out before us in 2022. I know I’m looking forward to some big races coming up especially those that we have a lot of the KR running, like the Sun Run, Australian Running Festival and the SMH Half. As the year progresses we will promote the races and encourage everyone to join in the fun of being part of the KR team and Repping the Red! (COVID restrictions notwithstanding.)

As probably everyone knows the Cahill is currently closed to both foot and vehicle traffic and so for this week we will run a variation that we used during Vivid back in May 2019 (yes that was over two years ago now)!

The Variation Course is:

·       Start at usual place and time.

·       Run across the bridge and down the steps.

·       Bottom of steps turn left and run down the road.

·       At the Harbour View Hotel cross the road and run through Dawes Point Reserve

·       Follow path down in front of the pylon to the water, admiring the light display on the pylon as you run past

·       Turn left go under bridge and follow the footpath along Hickson St all the way to entrance of Barangaroo

·       At Barangaroo enter and run along the foot path staying to the right that is run on the dirt path

·       Run along till you get to the end of the little wall that separates the paths which is at the cutting

·       U-turn at the cave at Nawi Cove (where the big TV screen is located) cross on to the other path and run back to entrance of Barangaroo

·       Come out of Barangaroo and turn right and go up the hill

·       Follow the road past The Pallisade hotel and run across Kent St, using the pedestrian crossing

·       Keep going up the hill to the pedestrian under pass under the bridge

·       At end turn right and go up the steps to the bridge

·       Run back to end of bridge and wait for the rest of the KRew

·       Join group photo and go to HQ

Because we are still under some COVID restrictions, can you please register your attendance on the link below and if you are not double vaccinated, then you shouldn’t be coming, which I’m sure you know. And, of course, if you do not feel well then please take the night off and we will see you next week!

Chris #HealthTip

Goal Setting for 2022

After the recent splurge of races (and all the associated training) and now having eased into the holiday season, my motivation to run big miles seems very low. In a quick review of Strava it seems I’m not alone.

It got me thinking about why I lacked motivation. I realised that I presently have no running goals as they have all been achieved, well almost all of them.

I went looking and found an article on this very topic. So if you are thinking about your first track race, your debut trail race or your first or even fifth marathon then this article has some great advice about setting those goals for 2022.

My challenge to you is to be bold and post your goals in the comments below.

Thanks Chris and I totally agree, I know that after 22 years of running having goals still helps keeps me motivated that for sure.

Remember to take care of yourself and others.

 Keep running and happy trails,








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