Happy Birthday North Sydney Parkrun

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Steve Kibble

May 27, 2021, 1:06:37 AM5/27/21
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew

This week the home parkrun for KR North Sydney is turning 3! I was going back through the photos and found some from the first few weeks of North Sydney parkrun, and as you can see from the beginning, KR has been a big supporter and part of this event. If you go back through the FB page you will find lots of photos of the KRew running the ever-changing 5km course in St Leonards Park.

I think it is awesome that we have this timed 5km event that is totally volunteer run and which many folks in the community enjoy. Over the 3 years many of the KRew have put their hands up as volunteers, from being run director, marshals, time keepers and so on, well done everyone and if you’ve not volunteered yet can I encourage you to consider it, it is a lot of fun and it is great to give back to the community that we love so much.

Happy Birthday North Sydney I hope you have an awesome party on Saturday morning.

Coming up we have SMH Hal Marathon at the end of June, I know many of the KRew are running it and signed up already. You can still sign up and don’t forget to join the Kirribilli Runners team tat you will find there.

Of course we also have Gold Coast Marathon in just over a month from now which a lot of us are looking forward to. We are still waiting to here if City2Surf will go ahead or not. We do know that the Sydney Marathon is going ahead on 19th September, so we can look forward to that one on the KR racing calendar.

Tonight of course is KRClassic, and as usual Joy and I will be there from about 6:15pm or so to welcome you and while some folks are still running out a bit earlier in smaller groups, as restrictions have really eased we are heading back to having the whole group start at 6:40pm. But, no matter whether you want to start a bit earlier, or at the more traditional time of 6:40pm, Joy will be there with her car to store your bags should you need it. Can I ask though, that you please have your bags stored by 6:40pm so that we can all head out for a run across the bridge together?

And can I also ask that you please register your attendance at this link:


Or I will have a QR code tonight for you to register as you arrive.

Post the run we have been heading to the Kirribilli Hotel and then on to pizza to socialise and I hope that you to will stay and join us, of course observing the current COVID restrictions in those places.

ChrisO #HealthTip 

Is Active Recovery or Passive Recovery Better for Performance? 

Our weekly Gore Hill Tuesday speed sessions are a lot of fun, and under the steady guidance of coach Steve, we try different sequences that are designed to improve our running performance. 

Each week I follow that night’s session plan, and in my case I often feel like there isn’t enough oxygen in the world and my heart is going to burst. And between each interval sometimes we do either ‘active recovery’ or ‘passive recovery’. It got me thinking...recovery is awesome, but which of the two is better and when? 

Well after some research I came across an article in Runners World on this very topic. So read on to learn about the benefits of both forms and how you can make them best work for you in your training program. 


Thanks Chris and I and I’m glad that you enjoy our Tuesday night speed sessions, and good points on the active v passive recovery. Of course, anyone who wants to join us, we meet each Tuesday at 6:30pm at Gore Hill Oval, if you want more details just reach out to me.

Well that’s a wrap for another week. 

Remember to take care of yourself and others.

Happy trails,








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