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Steve Kibble

Jan 4, 2023, 3:57:19 PMJan 4
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew

I know that many of the KRew are probably still on holidays at the moment and if you are, I hope you are having a lovely time, and of course posting your first runs for New Year. I do love seeing on Strava, the many exotic places that the KRew go when travelling, and I must admit to being a little bit jealous sometimes.

For those of you still in Sydney, KRClassic will be on tonight as usual, but with a little twist. Due to the Elevate Festival that is taking up all of the Cahill Expressway, the footpath is closed and so we will be using the Vivid Variation Course for tonight. I think with the number of times we’ve used it recently everyone is getting very familiar with the course. It is still a bit over 6km and has a nice little stretch along Barangaroo to the Cutaway.

New Year, as we all know, is a time to set your new running goals and think about what you will do in 2023, whether that is to run further than you have before, do a new race distance, sign up for a new race or re-run old races which, I must say, is a lot of fun. Whatever it is, you know that at KR we are here to encourage you and to help you achieve those goals.

Upcoming Events

As I’ve said before, in 2023 we have a lot of exciting ideas for the KRew to do, both social events and running events and in the next weeks I’ll let you know what they are, so stay tuned! Helena and I have been working on a few ideas to keep us going through the year. However, we always welcome suggestions so if you have any ideas please share them we will only be too happy to look at them.

The first event for the year will be the Australia Day Run for IMF (Indigenous Marathon Fund) 26th January is a Thursday this year and so for KRClassic we will hold a bit of a fundraiser for this very excellent cause. We are planning on holding the run in the morning as it is a public holiday that day and bridge gets a bit busy in the evening. 

Some of you may remember we did something similar a few years ago and it was a fun run with all having a great time. Details of the run and of IMF to follow. https://www.imf.org.au

Sun Run first Saturday in February; I know a lot of KR already signed up for this annual dash from Dee Why to Manly followed by brunch at Shelly Beach. See you there!

Next year for Canberra Marathon we now have a discount code that gives you 10% off, so use that if you are going to sign up for it. (SM-MEMBER-KR) 

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 17 Sep 23! Never to early to sign up for the marathon and get your training program sorted. I have started a KR group so make sure you join the KRew team!

If you are bringing bags, then the ever-reliable Helena will be there with her car to hold them whilst you run.  (But please pick them up as soon as we have finished the run!) Thank you Helena that is really awesome!!

That’s a wrap for this week; remember to take care of yourself and others.

Keep running and happy trails,


















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