KRClassic Virtual Edition – For a Few More Weeks

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Steve Kibble

Jul 14, 2021, 8:35:56 PM7/14/21
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew

As you will all know, KR is still in virtual mode this week, and so all you crazy kids have to either run solo or if you can find a buddy to run with then do that. I know I have talked about this many times since we went into virtual mode for the first time last year, but I have been very blessed with awesome running buddies during this time. Those folks with whom I have now run many kilometres and those with whom it has not been so many. All are great and I always really look forward to meeting them for a run.

With the spate of lockdowns here, it means we are seeing a lot of races either cancelled till 2022, or postponed to later in the year in the hope we can race at that time. Whilst we have been able to have some major and minor race events, with the likes of Australian Running Festival in Canberra, 6 Foot Track and Brisbane marathon to name but few, it is sad to see the likes of SMH Half, and GCM cancelled. However, I’m forever the optimist, and have signed up for Melbourne Marathon in October and I know a few KRs have also done so. If you do there is a KR team, so please join that, no password required. Stay positive and keep supporting the events and sign up or those you want to compete in. (But read the COVID fine print first….)

This week I have been speaking to regular contributor and active member of the Queensland KR chapter, The Athlete Formally Know as Viv. (Check out her Strava to understand that little bit of humour….)

Your name and/or running nickname? 

Vivienne - and according to this alter ego guide my running nickname is Captain Hill Crusher.

How long have you been running? 

I started running when I was 21. 

What inspires you to keep running? 

I am not inspired to run - it is a life necessity. I run for mental health and it’s a non negotiable.

What’s the coolest place you have ever run? 

I have run in Antarctica - I did a trip there to camp on the ice and go kayaking and the sun never set at night. 

How do you feel at the start of a run? 

Right now it’s taking a lot of will power to run. I’m getting motivation from David Goggins who’s this hard as f^@k mofo who shouts a lot. When you don’t feel like running check out his instagram and harden the f^@k up! 

When you see another runner coming towards you, what do you do? 

I give a thumbs up and smile and if they totally blank me then I swear at them in my head. D**k!! 

What’s the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you whilst running? 

I’ve beaten all my PBs in my forties after having my two kids. 

What do your friends think of your running? 

My best and closest friends know if I stop running something is up. 

What do you do with your clothes immediately after you get home from a run? 

I wash them pretty quickly - with two kids, I’m never short of a load to put on. 

What’s the one thing you wish you’d been told before you started running? 

Don’t wait til you’re great. Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared of coming last or being too slow or not finishing, who gives a f^@k do it all and do it now. I wish I had backed myself more when I was younger to just go for it. Don’t put it off. Daring to come last in something that scares the sh*t out of you… that is f^@king awesome.

Thanks Viv that’s quite a journey, love it that when I asked about the ‘coolest place you’ve run’, you are the first to take me literally, awesome!

ChrisO #HealthTip

Core strength: why is it important and how do you maintain it?

While out running the other day I noticed a lot of gyms have moved their classes to the park. There was a reoccurring theme, and it was the amount of core work people were doing. 

It got me thinking about running styles and how your core strength contributes to your overall performance. As I don’t have a super flat tummy anymore, I wondered what exercises I could do to strengthen my core. I also wanted to quantify the benefits before I endured all that hard work. 

Well I found this great article that answered my questions plus it covers a lot of exercise options to help you on your journey to a strong core.

Thanks Chris, that’s great, and I know that core is important and this really helps me to try and get some focus on it.

Well that’s a wrap for another week, enjoy your KRClassic Virtual run today and don’t forget to share some photos with us all on the KR FB page. 

Remember to take care of yourself and others. And wash your hands, wear a mask and remember to socially distance.

Happy trails,










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