Winter Has Come Early!

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Steve Kibble

May 10, 2023, 10:08:36 PM5/10/23
to Kirribilli Runners

Greetings KRew


If like me you are an early morning runner, you will have noticed the sudden chilly turn in the weather. From the end of April, with its mild conditions and quite warm days, to now where the chill is biting and even during the day I need to rug up to keep out that southerly and westerly breeze. In the evening I find myself rugged up in several layers, but you know what, it never interferes with the running. I know that as runners we love what we do so much that either, cold, rain, sleet and blazing sun, never stops us from going out and enjoying the freedom that a few kilometres under you feet gives you.


One of the best things about this cooler weather though is that it means we see some people’s PBs tumble, just like we did with the KRew that went out on the weekend to Sydney Olympic Park and participated in the annual ANSW 10k championships. As you will have seen on FB and elsewhere, the KRew had an awesome time, and many of them got to ring the ‘PB bell’ as they raced in perfect conditions. We also had some of the KRew who, disguised at Sydney Striders, did pacing duties for various times and I hear that they did an awesome job helping many fellow runners to reach their 10k goals. And of course we always have some folks who head out to cheer the racers on and I can tell you there is nothing that encourages you more than hearing someone yelling “Go Kirribilli!!”.


But wait there is more, we also had two of the KRew Lachlan and Sean who took on the Iron Man and have returned after a very successful race, both doing an awesome job. Well done, guys!! (They both made it to Speed Session on Tuesday night at Gore Hill Oval.)


I’m sure by now most of you have received your new Sub4 gear and you have an opportunity to rep your new Red Shirt in only two weeks at the Hokka Runaway Sydney Half Marathon. It will be awesome to see so many of us running the streets of Sydney. So if you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time and if you don’t want to race then come down and cheer the Red Racers!


ALERT: Safety Warning!


Last week on the Vivid Course we had a few near misses and one tumble.


Please, when you are running keep to the left and be aware of what is going on around you as we had a quite a few people almost run into other people. I think it was mainly KR running into KR, but it will be worse if one of us hit some innocent pedestrian especially if they an old person or a child!


I know it is fun to race each other and run fast and I know as runners we all have a bit of go from time to time, BUT please stay left and if you are on the wrong side then it is on you to move. REMEMBER as I always say, “YOU CAN’T WIN KR”


And watch your feet! I can tell you from much experience if you run often enough you will at some time trip over, (my knees are just covered in scars of various ages). It is a bit dark sometimes in winter on our course and just make sure you keep an eye on the ground for trip hazards. After running our course for a decade now, I don’t think there is really a need for a torch, but please just be careful! 


Upcoming Events


Wine Tour 16 July! Yes we have a date and are busy looking for a bus to carry the KRew to various delectable wineries of the Southern Highlands. Shortly we will ask you to commit and pay for a seat on the bus, but it will be on a first come first served basis, so make sure you sign up as soon as we release the costs! (Indicating your intentions on the invite Helena has made will help!)


This Sunday is the KR Long Run, we will be meeting at the usual place at 7am and we going to do the  the 7 bridges course. See the invite on the FB page for details of the various options and other details. I know a few are tapering for the Half next Sunday so we have the usual 10 to 15k options as well. (There won’t be anywhere to store your bags for our long runs, so please be prepared.)


Only 1 week now till the Hoka Runaway Sydney Half Marathon, on 21st May. I think the new course will be a bit of fun as well as a challenge and exciting to run in both directions on the Cahill expressway. Also they’ve added a 10k option, which also looks like a fun course to run and I hear some folks are going to the double!  Entries are now open and we have started a team, so sign up and join the fun. Check out the website at:


Gold Coast Marathon, I know there are few folks signing up to the Gold Coast Marathon on either the Half or the Full marathon and some folks doing both events on the weekend. I did this last year and it was a great weekend on a fast flat course, and they give you really good bling and a shirt! 


City2Surf entries are now open! This is always a bit KR event where we will end up at the Beach Road Hotel after the race. We have a team so search for Kirribilli Runners in the team list and make sure you join when you sign up.


Sydney Running Festival in on Sunday 17 Sep 23! Never too early to sign up for the marathon and get your training program sorted. I have started a KR group so make sure you join the KRew team!


If you are bringing bags tonight, then the ever-reliable Helena will be there with her car to hold them whilst you run.  (But please pick them up as soon as we have finished the run!) Thank you Helena, as always, really awesome!!


That’s a wrap for this week; remember to take care of yourself and others.


Keep running @everyone happy trails!












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