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Karen Story

Dec 13, 2021, 10:23:16 AM12/13/21
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Please welcome our 2022 Highlands board members! Thank you to those who have served before, to those who are new this year, and to everyone who took the time to vote! You can always send feedback and questions to the board at kirkland...@gmail.com.

The Highlands Neighborhood Association (HNA) board are volunteers who work to improve
community, safety, traffic, sidewalks, parks, activities, and quality of life in our neighborhood.

Learn more on our website (kirklandhighlands.org).

Mari Bercaw (Mari and her husband, Hyer, have lived in the Highlands since 1996. Her three kids went to local schools. She's been on the Highlands board since 2005.)

Kara Pietila (I lived in the Highlands from 2007-2013, then moved away to be near family in California. We loved the Highlands neighborhood so much that we moved back in 2017! I feel so fortunate to live and raise my children in a place with so many wonderful parks, places to walk, and friendly people. I would like to serve my neighbors by representing us to the city, ensuring concerns have a place to be heard, and championing the events and improvements desired by the people who live here.)

Karen Story (Karen has lived in Kirkland since 1988, and in the Highlands since 1999. She's been on the Highlands Board since 2002, and served as chair for 16 years.)

Board Members at Large

Debbie Ohman (Debbie and her husband, Jerry, have lived in the Highlands for many years. They have two kids. Debbie is active in many community and school projects. She has been our KAN rep since 2016 and has served on the Highlands board for many years.)

Kevin Dunlap (Kevin runs our Nextdoor group. He and his wife and three kids have lived in the Highlands since 1987. He's been on the Highlands board since 2016.)

Matthew Sachs (Matthew and his wife Liz moved to the Highlands in 2014. They have two young children. He's been on the Highlands board since 2016.)

Tim Malone (My wife and I have lived in our Highlands home since 1988. I joined the board in 2019. Our daughter went to Peter Kirk, Kirkland Middle School, LW High, and now UW! I’d like to continue serving on the Highlands board because I’ve bonded to the area and want to give a little back. It’s not difficult with the great people, places to walk, the CKC bike path... I look forward to learning more about our issues and advocating our points of view to the city.)

Laura Ruderman (Laura represented the Highlands in the state legislature from 1999-2004. She first dreamed of living here while doorbelling the neighborhood in 1998 and made that a reality when she and her fiancé (now husband) moved into the neighborhood in 2006. Laura is currently the CEO of the Technology Alliance.)

Dieta Hanson (I have lived in the Highlands since 2018 when I moved to Kirkland with my husband and daughter. We live right around the corner from Highlands Park and spend a lot of time there playing on the playground and walking our dog. I am excited to be on the board to help out with neighborhood activities, and to ensure that all residents have input into the future of the neighborhood.)

Launa Johnson (I moved to the Highlands in 2021 after living in Juanita for 11 years. I have four children in local schools. We are a baseball family. I have a passion for parks, and volunteering. I've done green Kirkland events at several parks, and used to do my own park clean up twice a week. I helped bring Ridwell recycling to Kirkland, got plants in the planter in Juanita beach, and helped string holiday lights. I love getting community involved, and making a difference for my kids and everyone to enjoy. I’d love to help make Kirkland and our neighborhood even better.)

Logan Cacan (I have lived in the Highlands Neighborhood with my wife and son for eight years, and in Kirkland for over twelve years. We enjoy the walkability our neighborhood offers to downtown businesses, the lake, and our nearby parks. In the past couple of years, we have come to especially enjoy our close proximity to the schools as we walk our son to Peter Kirk every day. We appreciate the unique attributes the Highlands offers, including many wooded areas, access to the CKC, as well as views of both the Olympics and the Cascades. I'd like to be active on the HNA board to facilitate our conversations with the city and with our fellow neighbors such that features that make the Highlands such a fantastic place today are respected while the city continues to grow and evolve.)

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