Jan 2022 General meeting notes

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Jan 25, 2022, 1:30:48 PMJan 25
to Highlands Neighborhood Association

Thank you all who joined our January 2022 HNA general meeting with Rodney Rutherford (of LiveableKirkland.org & StrongWA.org & www.strongtowns.org) who shared how the StrongTowns.org approach to community struggles (like housing, walkability, etc.) can also nurture financial, environmental, and social resilience.  We got to see images from other cities of wide pedestrian walkways, dedicated bike lanes (separate from cars) and other people friendly city ideas. My takeaway is that I need to form or participate in a group who will advocate to our government officials to legislate for wider pedestrian and more bike lanes. He also had interesting ideas about using portable building on currently unused land. Another idea is to have more joint public/private partnerships. I personally think Google has done a good job with building and upkeep of the the basketball, volleyball and bocce ball areas. More partnerships like this would be great, I'd love a indoor pool (wave pool!) and hot tub!

If you have any topic ideas or speaker ideas for our next meeting on the 3rd Wednesday in March, please let me know! 

Some possible ideas: Ranked Choice Voting, City priorities -big budget items now and planned for the future, current law and future changes to our laws. 

Please remember to vote before February 8. Your ballot was mailed January 21 if you didn't get one yet, you may need to be sure you are registered. You can find information through 




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