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Leon van der Eijk

Nov 8, 2011, 12:37:43 PM11/8/11
to kippo...@googlegroups.com


For some days the password ihatehackers is beeing used for kippo ssh attacks. SANS has a article online and some other kippo users are reporting similar events. What are you experiencing ?
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Justin Elze

Nov 8, 2011, 12:49:58 PM11/8/11
to kippo...@googlegroups.com
Someone obviously hates hackers...

More then likely there is a backdoored version of sshd out there maybe part of someone rootkit?

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Charlie HUREL

Nov 8, 2011, 1:05:32 PM11/8/11
to kippo...@googlegroups.com

Here is what i have (France Here) :
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-03 18:13:02+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8783,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-03 19:02:29+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8784,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-03 20:37:11+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8785,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-03 21:24:12+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8786,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 00:09:01+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8787,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 00:54:24+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8802,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 02:33:30+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8803,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 03:27:37+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8804,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 04:18:50+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8805,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 06:50:53+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8806,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 10:25:44+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8807,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 11:17:59+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8808,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.2:2011-11-04 12:11:11+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8809,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.1:2011-11-04 20:57:25+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,8999,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.1:2011-11-04 22:18:18+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,9000,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.1:2011-11-04 23:40:14+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,9001,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.1:2011-11-05 02:26:47+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,9002,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.1:2011-11-05 05:20:20+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,9003,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed
./kippo.log.1:2011-11-05 10:00:29+0100 [SSHService ssh-userauth on HoneyPotTransport,9004,] login attempt [root/ihatehackers] failed


D malware collect

Nov 8, 2011, 3:11:53 PM11/8/11
to kippo...@googlegroups.com
Same here:

2011-11-04 19:44:00 gw6 root ihatehackers
2011-11-04 23:43:33 gw6 root ihatehackers
2011-11-05 01:06:05 gw6 root ihatehackers
2011-11-05 02:30:44 gw6 root ihatehackers

But there are other common passwords I see like:

Ki!l|iN6#Th3Ph03$%nix@NdR3b!irD KILLhackersF###KERS1234 etc

However, these two examples are part of full brute scans unlike the ihatehackers ones for which I only see one hit/try per IP and only this one password. Grtz.

2011/11/8 Charlie HUREL <cha...@hurel.info>
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