kilim 2.0.0-29 is released - asm 7.0 final, new scheduler, release candidate

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Oct 29, 2018, 11:56:16 AM10/29/18
to kilimthreads
pre-release 2.0.0-29 is available in maven central and github. this is a release candidate for kilim 2.0.0

* maven central: `org.db4j : kilim : 2.0.0-29`
* uses ASM 7.0 final (just released), ie official ASM support for java 11
* there's a new `ForkJoinScheduler` aka FJS
  * based on `ForkJoinPool`
  * can fall back to `AffineThreadPool` to allow a task to be pinned to a thread with `Task.prePin()`
  * the main method installs FJS as the default scheduler and then chains another class`s main method
  * eg, `java -ea -cp target/classes:$cp kilim.ForkJoinScheduler junit.textui.TestRunner kilim.test.AllWoven` will run the test suite with runtime weaving and FJS
* the `Scheduler` code is cleaned up, making adding a custom scheduler much easier
* the default scheduler (ie `AffineThreadPool`) now uses daemon threads, so it shuts down automatically when main (and any other threads) return
* runtime weaver allows excluding classes by name
* the jetty handler is moved to the package ``
* `Scheduler.log` delegates to a logger (log messages from kilim are minimal)

there's also a `2.0.0-29-jdk7` variant compiled for java 7. as mentioned in a previous post, there will be no more `-jdk10` releases as oracle will not fix the java 10 class file parsing bug (even though it was found and fixed well before java 10 was EOL). it can still be built locally from source and installed

this is a release candidate for 2.0.0, which i expect to release this week

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