2.0.0-25 is released - java 11 support is mainlined

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Sep 21, 2018, 12:03:03 AM9/21/18
to kilimthreads
2.0.0-25 is released, which includes the java 11 support that was previously in a separate `-jdk11` version. this version supports java 8, 9 and 11


other variants:
  • `2.0.0-25-jdk7` supports java 7 (java 7 lacks default methods, which are used to support SAMs, so this needs to be distinct)
  • `2.0.0-25-jdk10` supports java 10 (a bug in java 10 refuses to run valid bytecode - this is expected to be fixed on oct 16 with the release of java 10.3)
in addition to the mainlining of java 11 support, a few minor bug fixes:
  • java 11 support
  • `Task.idledown()` no longer starts a scheduler (if one isn't already running) just to immediately stop it
  • runtime weaver delegates to the system classloader before attempting to weave (previously used a regex to filter jdk.*, com.sun.*, java.* and javax.* namespaces (some of which technically can be used for user-space packages)
  • github includes a new JShell demo - run Pausable code in the REPL

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