kilim 2.0.0-28 released - beta release for kilim 2.0.0

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Oct 3, 2018, 2:24:35 PM10/3/18
to kilimthreads
pre-release 2.0.0-28 is available in maven central and github. this is a beta release for 2.0.0. all known issues are resolved from both kilim/kilim and nqzero/kilim

* `org.db4j : kilim : 2.0.0-28` supports java 8, 9, and 11
* `2.0.0-28-jdk7` supports java 7
* `2.0.0-28-jdk10` includes a workaround for a bug in java 10 lambdas


* upgrade pom dependency to asm 7
* bugfix for nqzero/kilim/#10 - extending an impl of an interface now works (hyleeon)
* fixed permissions for many files, ie removed execute permission from .java files (hyleeon)
* changed configuration for maven plugin - this is potentially a breaking change, see below
* new `testing` directory with scripts and poms for testing kilim out-of-build
* bugfix for kilim/kilim#53 - annotations are now preserved for java 7 interface methods

maven plugin config:

* `in/out`: input and output directories for source classes
* `tin/tout`: input and output directories for test classes
* `args`: additional arguments to pass to the weaver
* property names are the same, prefixed with `kilim.` 
* logging is now at the debug level, and by default the weaver is quiet
* see commit 60e40652 for details

this is a potentially breaking change, aligning the documentation, the configuration and the property names. i suspect these features were never used since they weren't documented, but if anyone is using them and it's inconvenient to update, let me know and i can add the old names back in (in addition) as deprecated fields

thanks to hyleeon for the patch to fix #10 and the excellent bug report


Oct 19, 2018, 3:25:15 PM10/19/18
to kilimthreads
oracle considers java 10 EOL and it appears that 10.0.2 will be the final release of java 10. the class loading bug was not fixed in the critical patch update wednesday, meaning it will never be fixed. and there's no evidence that openjdk will release a patch either. this issue is resolved in java 11, and oracle considers that the fix for 10.0.2

in light of that, `2.0.0-28-jdk10` is likely to be the last java 10 variants of kilim that i release

if you wish to build a future version from source for java 10, cherry-pick the `java10` tag before building

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