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Lucas Ponce

Nov 23, 2020, 6:09:20 AM11/23/20
to kiali-dev

In the context of the Sprint 49, we are going to evaluate how we can simplify the management of Epic/Subtasks Issues in the Kiali project.

Kiali implements an Epic with a list of subtasks linked with the proper issues that today is manually maintained.

One of the goals of this Sprint is to study how we can automatically maintain the list of subtaks in an epic, in a way that when we create new issues, those can be automatically added into the Epic and updated when are closed.

On this way, Epic is updated and reflect progress in the Kanban Project view.

So, for that, a strong approach may be to use a Github Action, that can introduce some management in the update of the Epic list.

There are some Github Actions that work in that way in the marketplace, but I trid to collect all best practices and adapt one suited for our needs that I'd like we can test during this Sprint in [1].

The way to test this is quite easy: it can be done in a personal repo, to avoid noise in the Kiali repos, I've put an example about how to enable a workflow in [2] with some examples of use in [3].

The goal of this testing is collect feedback, the Kiali Sprint process is unchanged, this is just a potential technical improvement to simplify the # of steps.

Feedback and/or PRs are welcome into the repo.


Lucas Ponce

Dec 3, 2020, 4:59:08 AM12/3/20
to kiali-dev
Hi team,

Not sure if you could take a look to this proposal, I'll use some minutes in today Watercooler's to demo it.
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