Route "issue" on OpenShift

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John Mazzitelli

Aug 3, 2021, 11:33:07 PM8/3/21
I don't know what bad things might happen because of this, but at minimum the Kiali Route is incorrect. I need this reviewed/approved. The changes are really small, but it touches the master and v1.36 branches as well as helm charts. Here's the issue with the details and links to docs to explain -- the PRs are also listed there (the first PR has the simple test procedures if you really want to run it and see):

(while I have your attention - I had to update the hack script so I could install Istio 1.11 on OpenShift 4.8 - this needs review/approval too - I tried it on OpenShift 4.8, not on 4.7. If you use the istio install hack script, you'll want to try this): )
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