Vietcamlao attempt: a trick, treat or truth?

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Khmer Young

Sep 6, 2010, 1:23:29 AM9/6/10

Vietcamlao attempt: a trick, treat or truth?

Vietcamlao Federal Republic flag, blue symbolizes the sea, red for courage and sacrifice to defend the country people, green for forests, plains, 5 stars for 5 represents primary state of North, Central, South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
Map of the Federal Republic of Vietcamlao with the capital city of Danang

Today, I am curious to read a framework laid by Vietnam attempting to unite former Indochina Confederation into Republic Confederation of Vietcamlao posted in KI. Some comment viewed this message as a mind game intended but other saw this a leaking information. We cannot weigh this information if we don't deeply investigate the administrative flaws Cambodia has involved with Vietnam.

First. mind game of political propaganda to lure Cambodian people and their leaders to dishonor the Paris Peace Accord but to value 7 January 1997 is the path to achieve this Confederation.

Second. the supplemental border treaty in 2005 is the enactment of Confederation.

Third, the political monopoly of the former installed CPP is the bridge of Confederation.

Four, the political economy Vietnam has hegemonized over Cambodia is the clue to achieving Confederation.

Fifth, the unimportant treaties and the exchange of official visit inflation between Cambodia and Vietnam is the procedure of achieving Confederation.

Sixth, Cambodia is concealed by cultural revival, war survival, nationalism and physical border demarcation to be blinded not to see the actual legal and political processes of achieving Confederation.

Our readers can expand and detail above premises, and this close observing is truly sensing truth more than trick or treat from this leaking document.

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