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Khmer Young

Jul 10, 2010, 6:57:25 PM7/10/10
If you happened to surf between June 7th to early morning of June 10th, you couldn't access to this website at all. You did see this phrase "this blog has been removed". But according to below statement I made in this new blog and reported directly to the Google Inc., now the blog is available to the public again. I am grateful for the Google Inc. that are not dragged down by the complaints filed by those oppressors, invaders and dictators. I am impregnably convinced by the comprehensive expedition of the Google Inc. to protect the freedom of expression and advocate for world democracy. Please, see my detail statement reported to the Google Inc. below:

Dear Readers and Blog's Fans;

First of all, I would like to apologize for inaccessibility of Cambodian Bright Future blog ( at the moment. This blog has been initiated by a young Cambodian since 2007 to critically discuss the possible changes and bringing improvement to Cambodia. This disability is in a process of trying to activate it back with the Google Inc.

My first assumption has fallen upon following causes:

1. My accessing password has been hacked
2. My blog is wrongly placed as spam by Google
3. My blog has discharged many unhappy contents for Cambodian government and their irregular relationship with Vietnam

The 3rd assumption is an alarming sign that there are many technology savvies of Cambodian government and Vietnam to undermine this blog. But it might not be like that because Google experts will never allow others to ably destroy their reputation in this world of technology. However, if the complaints can force Google to shut down or remove this blog, it is worse and disastrous for democratic activists and freedom fighters in this planet. And I am worried about other blogs which are explicitly criticizing the government.

Let help to decode all these riddles, and reactivate this blog back as soon as we can.

With Solidarity,

Khmer Young

Cambodian Brighter Future depends on enduring conscience and tireless strivings of Cambodian Younger Generation!
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