New shift of political situation in Cambodia

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Khmer Young

May 29, 2014, 2:14:14 PM5/29/14
to, Khmer Young

New shift of political situation in Cambodia

Dear Readers;

It is my privilege to anticipate a new trend of political situation in Cambodia.

  1. The confrontation between Vietnam with China has headached Hun Sen to choose one of them. As the result, Hun Sen visited China and kowtowed more loan to sustain his illegal government. Those money are indebted by Cambodian people, not Hun Sen or his team. Hun Sen, a kind of dictatorship leader, has used his own people as the tool to ask for loans, aids and personal power. In the sight of Hun Sen, people are just his objects, not subjects at all. Therefore, the conflict with China made Vietnamese weak in Cambodia. As the matter of fact, the ongoing power shifting of national police commanders in Cambodia in each province is on the agenda to swap and reappoint. This action happens because of Chinese's pinpoint or the unfavorable groups of Vietnamese agents in Cambodia are working on its way to reduce the authority of former special agents of Vietnamese soldiers who have impostered among important positions of national policemen and provincial policemen divisions.
  2. The military coup in Thailand has shifted Hun Sen-Taksin relationship out of context. Hence, Hun Sen proclaimed not to allow government in exile intended to create by Thaksin in Cambodia, is legally appropriate by international law and Cambodia law, but who is going to trust on Hun Sen's flip-flop political rhetoric?
  3. CPP has faced a new challenge by the growing up of well-informed citizens and people journalists of Cambodia especially among youths who are representing major bulk of national population. CNRP has gained its momentum but this party is facing internal bonding as many experienced members of SRP are consistently courted by less experienced HRP members. The internal rules are not adopted and individuals are power-abused without knowing their own duties or lacking knowledge on their jobs. Many new elected-MP members from HRP are generally opportunistic. The CNRP party must adopt a consistent internal rules, regulations, job descriptions and state clearly that the members of central committees must obtain exact qualifications, education and position. Two top leaders have likely obtained different characteristics: while Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha have favored family-based approach to build trust for their political career, Sam Rainsy has been seen clean and not an opportunistic or a corrupted leader, but Kem Sokha is in contrast. Kem Sokha has seen often used his position to solicit for donation from outside donors to use for his personal projects, for his daughters and for his wife. Among those donors, the Cambodia National Rescue Foundation (CNRF) is seen one of the biggest donors to donate huge money to Kem Sokha. This foundation is not only doing that, it has exposed favoritism towards Kem Sokha lonely, by rejecting Sam Rainsy or Mu Sochua etc. 

Please, keep in tune for more political update to come!


Cambodian Brighter Future depends on enduring conscience and tireless strivings of Cambodian Younger Generation!

Woodhy Chamron

May 29, 2014, 10:16:58 PM5/29/14
to,, Khmer Young, WOODHY CHAMRON, Scott Walker, Hoeun Hach, felicia ouk,,,,,,,, Sinath Mao,, Davan Long,,,,,
Dear Khmeryong,

It is quite a number of years I have not heard from you at all.  Is Brigadier General Thach Chanh from Lon Nol's regime still a live in Canada? How is your sister Ms. Sharon Yong doing in USA?  Can you provide me their telephone numbers and their emails addresses please, if they would not mind.  I want to contact them again like before.

I just became member of International Khmer Assembly in Minnesota, USA and today I received from them in Australia at 9am in the morning of Friday 30th May, 2014, as follow: 1 Jungle Mike Force camouflage tiger stripe uniform, 2 Mike Forces green berets, 2 ID's cards, 2 certificate's of memberships, 1 IKA's beret badge and 1 IKA's pin.  I would like to say thank you to IKA in Minnesota, USA.

I reckon the IKA's Minnesota in USA doing a marvelous job by lobbying Minnesota parliament to recognize Khmer, Laotian, Hmong veterans in April, 2012 on our co-operation and supported effort to American Arm Forces during and after Vietnam war. 

Last week in May this year of 2014, the IKA did the same thing again in Washington through a congressman and a senator.

*****Brother khmeryoung, what you are describing in your article is perfectly true.  At the moment I have no right nor I have any power to criticize or even to suggest some opinions to CNRP leaders or CNRP members. 

When  I have the opportunity to serve our beloved country of Cambodia again I will listen to every good Khmer nationalists who are really contribute financially plus many good ideas, opinions, wisdom, instructions towards liberating our Cambodia from YUON, CHINA and from Mr. Hun Sen + all corrupted CPP's government officials, from bad businessmen, especially from all the YUON-Khmer Arm Forces who are oppressing, intimidating, torturing many civilian innocents KHMER and allowed YUON and CHINA to swallowing us every day.

I believe the Cambodian National Rescue Party Foundation in USA, Australia, EU, NZ  or any good and honest Khmer organizations etc... must tell the CNRP leaders to united among themselves truthfully.  Serve the Khmer  people who are wanting to Change more than 35 years ago from the controlled of YUON, now YUON+CHINA + Hun Sen and most of corrupted CPP's arm forces and government officials.

Please keep in touch and send me some more news about our beloved country CAMBODIA.

Sincerely  yours,

Woodhy  Chamron
- Lon Nol's army 1st Lieutenant 1970-1975 of OTS/3 from famous Khmer Military College.
- Co-founder with Col. IM CHHOODETH of EOA 10th promotion with Secret Reach Sei Resistant forces at Chong AU BOK on the top of Dangrek Mountain Range at Khmer-Thai border 1976-1992.
- Founder of the 1st Khmer Community in NSW, Australia 1977.
- Kukkiwon 3rd Dan of World Tea Kwon Do federation 1977 to 22nd December 2009.
- Co-founder of KPNLF at Khmer-Thai border 1979-1992.
- President of KCNSW Inc and Co-founder of the 1st Khmer Buddhist Temple in Austrlia 1988-1990.
- Certificate of NAATI 2 interpreter English-Khmer 18th Nov 1988-2014.
- Real Estate Licensee in NSW, Australia 1988-2014.

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