PRU is critically the mouthspeak of swear words

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Khmer Young

Aug 25, 2010, 5:26:11 PM8/25/10

PRU is critically the mouthspeak of swear words

Dear Spokesperson of PRU;

Re: your letter dated on 24 August 2010

I am appreciate with your rebutting message to those disgraceful outsiders. In the meantime, I am also dismayed by the way you have delivered this message. I don't think you are good at maintaining Cambodian dignity; of course you are good in dragging Cambodian people down into the hell of extremism and unprofessionalism - your message are full of foul and scumbag - you should filter the speech into the a civilized way before it is released. I didn't hear and see the message of Thai leader, Limthongkun - and I am really regret that your message cannot solve the problem but exacerbate the goodness of Cambodia. Your message has really put your leader, Somdech Techjo Hun Sen, down to ground zero as he is a respectful leader from both Cambodians and international communities (you claimed).

Double check with your message again, you will realize how bad your message! It is carrying Cambodia into the state of animal. I am a young Cambodian, I have known well that Thai leaders (not people) have treated our people badly and Thai leaders have lost their ground in standing on the international stage honorably because of their be-wilderness. However, whenever Cambodia has pursued this be-wilderness like the Thais, we Cambodians will fall into that same ground - and we can predict that Vietnam can overthrow Cambodia's dignity like Vietnam created the Khmer Rouge to divide Khmers among Khmers.

Following themes should be considered for the message of PRU:
  1. PRU has gained no credit as the mouthspeak of government and prime minister. Their laying down of the message is unprofessional.
  2. This rebuttal message is a low class message that should not be representative Cambodians.
  3. This message has only put down the fame of PM Decho Hun Sen
  4. PRU is critically combating with the fame of Ministry of Information of Cambodia.
  5. This message has only created guilty among Cambodian people and raised up the goodness of Vietnam's imperialistic attempt.
  6. This message will not help solve any problems regarding to the invasion of Thailand over Cambodian Preah Vihear temple.
  7. As a young Cambodian, I condemn both the composer of this message and the PRU unit for their bad intention and abusing of power in releasing this message.

Note that I am arguing against this PRU message, I am easily labeled as Thai supporter or Cambodian betrayal; but I can assure to all Khmer compatriots that this accusation has been well prepared by the Vietnamese imperialists to victimize and cornered Cambodians.

I am a young Cambodian, and I am not siding with any disgraceful foreigners towards Cambodia and her people; and I am persistently fighting against all invaders and ungraceful foreigners.

Kind Regards,


Cambodian Brighter Future depends on enduring conscience and tireless strivings of Cambodian Younger Generation!
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