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Khmer Young

Feb 19, 2010, 2:37:33 AM2/19/10

CPP Government is leading a policy of self-destruction

Illegal Vietnamese people have been over-populating Cambodia. It is the truth in which the government cannot hide it. The government must solve it properly. Government is heading to self-suicide if they don't conduct a proper policy towards those illegal Vietnamese immigrants in Cambodia.

Like recent statement of so-called student Hay Ratha, is truly illustrating the propaganda of Vietnam turning white to black, and right to wrong...intentionally to legitimize the Vietnamization over Cambodia.

Government has killed themselves by condemning/bullying/jeopardizing/jailing all dissents, Khmers who are living near border and journalists, and oppositions. These actions are surely serving the interests of Vietnam in both Vietnamese people inside Vietnam country and inside Cambodian territory land.

Why do I say that?

  • Could the numerous physical achievements such as bridges, roads, schools, hydro plants, irrigation systems and buildings assure the sovereignty of Cambodia?
  • Could the dismantling/dissolving of the Khmer Rouge in 1998 assure the sovereignty of Cambodia?

Of course those visible things and statement are just the propaganda and political manipulation of the CPP government which are intentionally or unintentional unforeseen the ramifications.

Crucial questions asked back to the CPP government about the ensuring territorial integrity:
  1. Could the current socio-economic development ensure national sovereignty when Vietnamese people can share profits almost half and half with Cambodian people?
  2. Could current peace which is claimed receiving from the dismantling Khmer Rouge ensure national sovereignty when Vietnam government, Vietnamese illegal immigrants and Vietnamese policemen have been hegemonized and spread entirely inside the country?
  3. Could CPP government ensure national sovereignty when the Day of Paris Peace Accord in 1991 has been neglected by the government, and in reverse, the government has valued and celebrated the Day of January 7 to praise and value the coming of Vietnamese hegemony over Cambodia?
  4. Could CPP government ensure national sovereignty when many top leaders and elites are enjoying entitlement, power, wealth, autocracy, patrimony, cronyism and doctorate degrees without having self-assessment and dignity?

Mr. Hay Ratha must be a new breed of Vietnamization attempt in Cambodia.

Three things government of Hun Sen has been neglecting:
  1. To effectively dissolve the Vietnamese policemen who are disguising as Khmers throughout the country.
  2. To properly conduct immigration law to curb the loss of profits from Cambodians and to prevent the over-population of Vietnamese illegal immigrants in Cambodia.
  3. To intuitively distance themselves from Vietnam by changing the whole set of policy and international diplomacy or directly inform Vietnam to halt their "neo-imperialism in a shape of capitalism" over Cambodia.

If Hun Sen government cannot handle with these issues, all Cambodians including Hun Sen himself is heading to self-destruction.

I want to hear the answers from Mr. Hay Ratha, H.E. Hor Namhong, H. E. Chheam Yeab, H. E. Phay Siphan and Mr. Hor Nam Bora etc.



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