Where is process.env?

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Steven Blea

Oct 1, 2018, 10:31:25 PM10/1/18
to Keystone JS
I'm trying to get started with Keystone. However, coming from a place with very little experience, I was thrown for a loop when the gallery option used a third-party hosting site, since I can easily add my own images. Which leaves me with a few questions:

It says 
We've included a demo Cloudinary Account, which is reset daily.
Please configure your own account or use the LocalImage field instead
before sending your site live.

Cool, but WHERE is that field?

My search suggests that I can find the configuration options in process.env, but I'm having trouble finding that file.

Doing my best to follow the guide, but I'm already getting tripped up by something as simple as local storage vs cloud storage. Am I overthinking things? I'd rather use my own space, it feels like it shouldn't be this difficult...
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