Nhibernate Vs Entity Framework \\u2013 A Revised Performance Comparison

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Denisha Marciniak

Dec 6, 2023, 5:04:26 PM12/6/23
to Keystone JS

I also chose this table because the amount of data isn't that small but also not massive either, so a good average test set for performance testing: if there are slow parts in the fetch pipeline of a framework, this kind of entity will put the spotlight on them easily.

Nhibernate Vs Entity Framework \\u2013 A Revised Performance Comparison

DOWNLOAD https://urlin.us/2wIJtP

Firstly you can see what the relative performance is of framework X compared to framework Y in this particular situation of fetching a set of entities. Secondly, you can see that there is a hard limit on what performance you can expect from a data-access framework: reading data into entity objects takes time, no matter what you use. This also means that if your application needs to read data faster than e.g. Dapper can give it to you, you likely will not be able to solve that problem in a regular way. Thirdly, if your application feels 'slow' when obtaining data from the database while you're using a framework which is actually pretty fast with fetching data, it might very well be the slowness is elsewhere and not in the data-access / ORM framework used.

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