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Jasper Palfree

Apr 23, 2015, 10:16:30 PM4/23/15

I'm doing some research before I commit to using keystone.js in a large project. I'd love if someone could help me get a grasp of how much flexibility I would have in modifying the admin interface. I love what's already there, but I know I'll be needing to add a bunch of functionality.

How easy is it to modify the admin interface?

Can I slightly tweak an existing admin page? (eg: let's say I wanted to add a button to the Users List panel to "ban" certain users)

Can I leverage existing admin UI elements? (eg: use the WYSIWYG editor in a custom admin page)

Context: I'm going to be building a site for selling tickets to events, with a lot of analytics on the backend, and admin tools for dealing with bulk modification of entries and stuff.

Thanks for your help!

Michael Espey

Apr 28, 2015, 2:04:40 PM4/28/15
I am not sure how qualified to answer your questions, and obviously there are probably others that would have a more complete answer but there were no responses, so I figured that I would help where I can.

From what I have done with my site, I have added a "Projects" section based around the default "Post" model and I extended the existing Gallery functionality in having individual pages to view with ease (all of that was done in under two hours). At the moment I am adding a user profile page where the user can edit their information, delete (suspend) their account, and an owner page for my account, as it is a working portfolio for myself, that just works as an activity feed.

All things considered yes, I think you should be able to easily find all of your needs met in Keystone.JS. I would just get into it, use the generator to build the test site they have available and tinker with it, I was very pleased with the relatively small learning curve, and the speed you can have updates move from concept to deployment is amazing!

Hope this helps,
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