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Nov 30, 2023, 6:25:52 PM11/30/23
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Address not found, please try to restart the game & trainer.
If this error still occur, please contact me at or at 3DMGAME.
Be sure to include the following data (Press Ctrl+C to copy).

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Tomb Raider Trainer


The main features of Tomb Raider Goty Trainer are unlimited health and ammo, no reload, salvage, skill points and experience points, and no game time limit. Moreover, the trainer allows the player to unlock all the weapons. The cheats are designed for the retail version of the game. To get started with the cheats, all the player needs to do is copy the trainer file to the root of the game installation directory.

As the title suggests, this game is an action adventure, which revolves around the adventures of the Amazon Lara Croft. The gameplay of the game involves exploration of ancient tombs and a mix of ranged and melee combat. Lara Croft uses her skills to hunt animals and humans and escape from violent explosions. Moreover, she also uses PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats, which give her unlimited ammo and God mode.

In the first few hours of the game, you will be wondering which keys to press to gain an advantage over other players. If this is the case, you may want to learn how to make use of controls for Tomb Raider Goty. To do so, you must follow a simple set of instructions. You will need to copy the trainer to the root of your installed game, and then run it before playing. This trainer will show you which keys to press during the game.

Magnus Lygdback, the same trainer that worked with Alicia Vikander on Tomb Raider, has been brought on to train Gadot for her third turn as the Amazonian warrior for the upcoming sequel to last year's blockbuster hit Wonder Woman.

if you download this file:
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Trainer troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a game trainer to work is compatibility between the trainer and the operating system version, if you are using an older game trainer and running Windows 7 or Windows 8 it simply won't work, if however, you right click the trainer and choose Properties and then Compatibility you can change this to run in Windows 98/ Windows 2000 etc. You can find more information on the Beginners Help page here

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