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May 14, 2022, 10:12:51 AMMay 14
to Keycloak User

I am trying to configure a IDP initiated login with keycloak as Identity Broker.

I have done the following configuration:


1. Created a SAML v2.0 Identity Provider in keycloak realm
     Redirect URI
     Alias: okta
     Enabled: On
     First Login Flow: first login flow
     Sync Mode: Import
     Service Provider Entity ID: okta
     Single Sign-On Service URL
     NameID Policy Format: Email
     Principal Type: Subject NameID
     HTTP-POST Binding Response: On
     HTTP-POST Binding for AuthnRequest: On

2. Created a SAML client in Keycloak
     Client ID: okta
     Name: okta
     Enabled: On
     Client Protocol: saml
     Name ID Format: email
     Master SAML Processing URL 
      IDP Initiated SSO URL Name: okta

3. Created an app in Okta
     Single Sign On URL:
     Audience Restriction: okta
     Name ID Format: EmailAddress

When I am hitting the app in Okta, its giving the An internal server error has occurred error. On close observation, I found that the SAML response using a POST method on the is giving 405Method not allowed error.

Any suggestions to fix this?

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